It’s barbarism with ulterior motives !


I wonder how long we, Indians or foreigners, will continue hiding some of the ugly  truths about ourselves . The other day, a  Tanzanian student was reportedly thrashed and stripped in Bangluru. Let us all hang our heads in shame .  First of all , those people and the police who witnessed it but just stood by ! How shameless indeed they were !  Can  we call ourselves living in a civilized society or state as long as such crimes go on !  

But what do I hear ? Some observers  supposedly representing our civil society are calling it an act of  racism. According to one account, the Tanzanian student and her friend were attacked soon after some other African had happened to crush a local resident in a hit-and-run incident . They were “targeted for their race.” The mob’s logic seemed to be that an African had killed an Indian and hence  Africans must be paid back in their own coin .

Was it an act of racism  ? Or was it just yet another attack on the weak, who happened to be a foreigner in this case ? What about such attacks, and even more heinous ones, on Indian women themselves within India from time to time ?

What about the violations of women’s rights within Tanzania itself  ? According to the United Nations Human Rights Council‘s October 2011 Universal Periodic Review ,  “gender-based violence is prevalent” across the country. There is still “the widespread marginalization of the girl child in different spheres of life, including education, and the total exclusion caused for many by early and forced marriage.” The challenges that prevail in Tanzania include “ the persistent and increasing burden of poverty on women; inequalities in arrangements for productive activities and in access to resources; inequalities in the sharing of power and decision-making; lack of respect for and inadequate promotion and protection of the human rights of women; and inequalities in managing natural resources and safeguarding the environment.”

According to an authentic report , the rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) citizens  are a far cry in Tanzania . Sexual  acts between men are illegal and  carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Such acts between women are not mentioned in Tanzanian law. The semi-autonomous region of Zanzibar outlaws same-sex sexual acts between women with a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment or a 500,000 shilling fine.

How would you explain all such rights violations in Tanzania or anywhere in the world ?  Are they racist  ? Folks, just think over !  The truth is as clear as daylight . It’s pure barbarism !  Racism is defined as a belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another and a person's social and moral traits are predetermined by some inborn biological characteristics. This  concept has already been found devoid of  any scientific-anthropological basis . A near consensus across the intellectual spectrum today is social and moral traits are related mainly to a given environment.

The truth is most of the economically and politically weak women ( or others ) in most of the nations in the world are still being subjected to violence of different kinds . Most  of  the states are still miles away from being civilized and democratic . The scoundrels, most often with the patronage of some or the other politicians , have their specific ulterior motives to use whatever fake distinction –  race, religion, gender or caste —suits them to perpetrate crimes against the weak . Can they dare to attack the rich or privileged class, Indian or foreign ?