Listen to Hon’ble Chief Justice !

After a long gap I have something really nice and convincing to share with some of my very good  friends abroad. They have been asking me about some intellectuals’ protest against the  current government in New Delhi  over some recent incidents of intolerance-based violence across India  .  I have always pleaded there is a lot of ‘politics’ in this entire episode though  all such incidents of violence  are painful and deserve utmost condemnation .

Now I can convince everyone better with what I have been arguing . They may just listen to what our Hon’ble Chief Justice of India T S  Thakur has said on the much- talked about intolerance in India .  He said in a media interaction on Sunday ( :   “There is politics in the religious intolerance debate…When the Constitution guarantees Rule of Law to those who are not our citizens, there is no question that citizens of India, no matter of what religion or faith should feel unprotected. We (Supreme Court) have no reluctance to protect the beliefs of our fellow citizens. As long as Rule of Law prevails no one has to be afraid…. As long as there is rule of law and independent Judiciary, I don't think anyone need to fear from anything. We should not get upset. "

Chief Justice Thakur said:  “ This country has a history of becoming a home to those who have fled their own countries fearing religious persecution. Here these people of different faiths and beliefs have flourished. Look at the Parsi community, they have contributed so much to national progress in the fields of law, industry, etc.” He said, “Crime has been part of human life. These are people who give in to their animal instinct to kill… What the society should learn to nurture is the spirit of tolerance, mutual respect for religions… We are committed to uphold the Constitution.”


Should not  those so-called votaries of tolerance who have of late protested against the Centre holding it responsible for  incidents of intolerance based violence think afresh ?  Everybody knows  so many  incidents of intolerance and violence took place earlier as well , but none of these intellectuals ever protested against the Centre in this manner !