Faith brings happiness – Fighting Faith creates misery

That is true indeed and the current Israeli and American affairs are the proof.

Let us begin with the findings of recent public opinion polls on “happiness” in Israel and in America.

Concerning Israel, the public opinion polls demonstrate that the majority of Israelis are happy with their lives despite an extensive laundry list of problems facing them every day. They are happy in spite of unstoppable efforts of Iran and various Islamic terrorist organizations to fulfil their dream of “Death to Israel”. They are happy in spite of persistent fight among the religious and the non-religious. They are happy in spite of relentless barrage of anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic resolutions against them.   

Concerning America, the public opinion polls demonstrate that the majority of Americans are unhappy in spite of the fact that America ranks high in terms of income, housing, education and security — all things we would typical associate with contentment. According to a recent Harris Poll, most Americans are not very happy. The poll found that only about one third of people in the United States consider themselves happy. Two thirds of Americans are unhappy with their lives.

Why? For those who are people of the faith – in the broadest sense of this word, the answer is obvious: Israelis are the people of faith while Americans are fighting the faith.

Israelis are preserving and cherishing the fundamentals of their faith that is Judaism. The majority of Israelis are doing this – religious and non-religious, synagogue goers and non-goers, sabras and newcomers, those who are looking for rabbis’ advise and indifferent to them. What unites all of them in the faith is the sacredness of Jewish spiritual fundamentals such as the Torah, the traditional family, the notion of the Holy Land and the Holy Jerusalem, the utmost value of human life, the regard of Jewish history, the respect of the Dead, the honor of the Military. When Israelis are fighting each other, and they are fighting a lot, they are fighting for best implementation of this sacredness – of course, in unique understanding of every individual. It looks like the Israel’s majority support Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his efforts to preserve all that in Israel.

Americans are losing the fundamentals of their founding faith that is Judeo-Christian fundamentals in their American-style Christian representation.


In America, the Bible and Christian guidance are removed from the official public life. The traditional family is not respected anymore – almost anything can be a family these days. It is acceptable to desecrate the Flag and the National Anthem. The daily killings in Chicago and many other places are becoming almost unnoticeable. The historic monuments are not respected as a part of our history – they are destroyed or desecrated. The Dead who are killed in defense of our country are becoming a part of political intrigues. The military is not respected as it should be for a volunteer force of patriots ready to defend the country. These days many political and social groups in America are fighting not for implementing their vision of traditional American Judeo-Christian spiritual fundamentals but rather for replacing this spiritual fundamentals with something new that is foreign to the founding traditions. That truly dangerous situation makes the people unhappy. It looks like American President Donald Trump was elected by the American traditional majority to stop the American spiritual decline and return the nation to a sort of traditional spiritual normalcy. However, the resistance is great and he needs all the help he can get from “We the People” and of course from the “Heavens”.

Why things are so different in Israel and America – in Israel the faith is cherished and supported in the public arena; in the America’s public arena the faith is subdued and fought against? We should ask the prominent rabbis and the prominent priests.