Judeo-Christian and anti-Judeo-Christian communities of Western Civilization

Nowadays two completely different communities exist in the Western Civilization in America, Europe and Israel – Judeo-Christian and anti-Judeo-Christian.
The Judeo-Christian community includes the people who are trying to preserve and strengthen our Judeo-Christian foundation with the guidance on human individual and collective behavior coming from the Supreme Power above us the humans. This guidance may be tailored to always life-changing circumstances but cannot be changed since it is “from the Above”.
The Supreme Power above us the humans is called God and His guidance is presented in the Torah for everybody, with special instructions for the Jews as the Chosen, and tailored in the Christian Bible for the non-Jews. It is very possible that the written Torah/Bible guidance is supported by the power of human genetics and even by direct yet scientifically mysterious communications from the same “Above”.
The other, anti-Judeo-Christian community is trying to demolish the Judeo-Christian foundation with the Bible-guided morals and replace it by a different spiritual foundation with a human supreme power and a human-made guidance – both of them could be easily changed at the will of a human supreme power. To achieve its goals, the anti-Judeo-Christian community is creating the legal, “politically-correct” taboos, which split the society on adversary politically correct and politically incorrect electoral crowds. By manipulating these electoral crowds, the anti-Judeo-Christian community wins although the entire society loses.
Below are a few examples of how the taboos work.
“Men vs. women”
The Judeo-Christian community is saying, a man and a woman are equal as human beings but have inherently different but equally important life roles. That may bring lower earnings for women who want to “work for money” but nothing is wrong with it – the genetic role of a woman is to work less “for money” and more to strengthen the family.
The anti-Judeo-Christian community immediately calls it “Sexism” and stops a very important Bible-guided conversation on how to help both the men and the women in strengthening the family.
“Blacks vs. whites”
The Judeo-Christian community is saying, stop the “affirmative action” that only affirms some people’s belief that the blacks are inferior to the whites. Thais wrong - we have to treat the blacks with the same respect as the whites and consider any work the blacks are able to do as dignified as any work the whites are doing.
The anti-Judeo-Christian community immediately calls it “racism” and stops a very important conversation on the Bible’s guidance to treat all kinds of work equally important.
“Government vs. religion”
The Judeo-Christian community is saying, the Bible and the Constitution guide us to separate the Church as the religious autocratic organization from the Government but to preserve the Judeo-Christian morals as the basis for government legislative work.
The anti-Judeo-Christian community immediately calls it “religious extremism” and stops any discussion on the grave consequences of destroying our Judeo-Christian spiritual foundation.
“Jews and Christians vs. Muslims”
The Judeo-Christian community is saying, the Jews and the Christians have a common Torah/Bible-based spiritual foundation but they have different “divine ways” in exploring the God’s spiritual world. Therefore, the Jews and the Christians have to remain peacefully different. In the Judeo-Christian God’s world, there is a space for a peacefully competing Islam. However, in the Islamic world there is no space for Judeo-Christian communities. The Muslims, as the Islamists are proclaiming and the Muslim majority is not disproving, do not have a common spiritual foundation with the Judeo-Christian world – the Islamists-Muslims are fighting to eliminate any Judeo-Christian space in this world.
The anti-Judeo-Christian community immediately calls it “religious bigotry” and tries to stop any attempt to appeal to the Muslims for reformation of the current “kill-the infidel” interpretation of Islam’s doctrines since “all true Muslims are peaceful people and the terrorists are not the true Muslims”.
“Palestinians vs. Israelis”
The Judeo-Christian community is saying, the Palestinians are not fighting for their own state living in peace with Israel – they are fighting to have their own state without Israel. If it is so, Israel has only one option and that is to define her secure borders, make everything within these borders the territory of Israel and be prepared to defend her decision legally, diplomatically and militarily. That is what is needed to preserve Israel as the most important part of the Judeo-Christian world.
The anti-Judeo-Christian community immediately calls it “occupation” and demands from Israel to end “the occupation” that makes Israel completely unsecure.