Refugees – how many Israel or America can take?

So, are there any limits on how many refugees America or Israel can take without endangering the spiritual or material wellbeing of its own citizens? And if such endangering is a real possibility, what could be done to help the refugees?

The refugees are persons who have fled their own country because they are at risk of serious human rights violations there. Because their own government cannot or will not protect them, they are forced to seek international protection. There are currently over 20 million social/political refugees in the world, and the vast majority of them are from from the developing regions of Africa and Asia. A number of potential economic refugees who would like to escape the poverty in their developing regions and become the refugees is much-much larger.

The fact that almost all refugees are from the developing countries means that almost all refugees are of not Judeo-Christian morality and traditions of America or Israel.

The problem of accepting these refugees in the countries of Judeo-Christian morality and traditions is not that they are not the “whites”, or they are Muslims/Buddhists/Natives, etc.  – all of them might be decent people looking for a better life for their families.

The problem of accepting these refugees in the countries of Judeo-Christian morality of America and Israel is that they have different – just different, not worse or better – perception of what is GOOD and what is BAD in public life and a different perception of what a good government is supposed to do. That is the major reason why they are pushed from their native countries – their morality is incompatible with the morality of the majority in their native countries. If it so, there is a good probability the refugees will be trying to reestablish their moral realm in the countries which take them – their own moral realm they were deprived of in their native countries.

And the refugees may find support from some American groups who are not hiding their hate of America such as for example the Nation of Islam, the church of former President Obama with its famous slogan “God damn America”, the Black Lives Matter, the ultra-liberal Bolsheviks-type groups (one such group decided The Star Spangled Banner will no longer be played at rallies at a California High School in San Ramon after student leaders determined the song is “racially insensitive”) .

The same may happen in Israel where some Israeli social organizations are fighting against the Torah-guided morality of the country.

It creates a true spiritual conflict between the Judeo-Christian moral urge to help those who are in distress and the Judeo-Christian moral duty to defend own morality.

American President Donald Trump recognizes this conflict and suggests a solution which is to take immigrants only based on the “merits” and one of the major items of the “merits” is to accept living along the lines of the American version of Judeo-Christian morality.

Justice Minister of Israel Ayelet Shaked recognizes this conflict as well and suggest a solution - to keep Jewish majority even at the expense of human rights of the others, meaning that the Israelis’ human rights to defend their Torah-based Jewish morality in the State of Israel is more important than the human rights of the non-Israelis in preserving their own native morality whatever it might be.

What to do? Probably, the best way is to resettle the refugees in the areas populated by the people spiritually close to the refugees and help them financially. Or, to let them be settled in the USA (not in Israel – Israel is too small for such adventure) as a sort of guests with no guaranteed way to citizenship and with an obligation to work and not to be economic burden for the nation.