The state of the family: Why Israel's democracy is stronger than America's

The only true meaning of democracy is that is a system of government exists in which the majority of the citizenry elects those among itself that it believes will govern within the constraints of its country's morality and traditions. The goal is to preserve and strengthen the spiritual realm of the nation – not to experiment with or modify it.
The nations of the world are in trouble when governments begin experimenting and modifying their spiritual realms. The history of Bolshevik Russia and Nazi Germany is vivid evidence of this, as well as multiple US administrations’ attempts to replace the traditional, American Bible-based spiritual realm with the “social-justice/human-rights” canons. If certain changes to a society's social fabric are indeed needed, they have first to be accepted by the whole citizenry, and only then should they be legislated by the duly elected democratic government.
In any true democracy there are competing political forces that propose their own visions for how to preserve and strengthen the spiritual realm of the nation. The electorate supports some of them and rejects others. The rejected forces create constructive and destructive oppositions.
The constructive opposition consists of the politicians who believe their ideas are winnable and are now working hard to win the next time.
The destructive opposition consists of the politicians who have realized their ideas are not winnable, and therefore there is no chance for them to win the election the next time. The only way for them to gain political power is to overthrow the elected government by defamation of characters and pseudo-legal manipulations. To do this, the destructive opposition utilizes the power of the news media and unelected law-enforcement institutions, such as the FBI in America, Police in Israel and Judges in both countries.
America and Israel have both constructive and destructive opposition groups. The difference is — and this difference is a very important one — that in Israel the constructive opposition is much stronger than the destructive one. In Israel, the constructive opposition preserves and strengthens the Israeli Torah-guided democratic future, while in the United States, the leading destructive opposition makes the American future much less predictable.
Why it is so?
Because no major political forces in Israel, from the right to the left, advocate social policies that are hostile to the Torah's guidance and historic tradition of the Jewish Nation.
Contrary to this, in America only the political forces on the right, which are now in power, advocate social policies along the lines of Bible-guided Judeo-Christian tradition, while the opposition forces on the left promote anti-Judeo-Christian governing principles that favor the cultures of various minority groups with morality and traditions foreign to the American Judeo-Christian majority.
The state of American family
It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify what a "traditional" American family looks like. Once that meant a married couple with kids: a father who worked, kids in school and a relatively stable lifestyle. But now young people are delaying marriage longer, permanent singlehood has increased, and the "marriage-go-round" of divorce and remarriage continues to rise. Those are the findings of a new study from a researcher at Ohio State University. The study's author, Sociology Professor Zhenchao Qian, studied data from the 2000 Census and the 2008 to 2010 American Community Survey, concluding that in the 2000s, "there is no longer any such thing as a typical American family."
The state of Israeli family
Unique to Israel is Yom HaMishpacha
— a day to honor the family unit, as a whole, and its centrality to our lives. Initiated originally as Mothers' Day, it was first marked in Israel in 1947 — even before the establishment of the state — at the initiative of the Ezra organization for assisting women in childbirth, headed by Rebbetzin Sarah Herzog, wife of then Chief Rabbi Isaac Herzog and founder of World Emunah.
The state of the family institution in America and Israel is the very indication of how democracy works in both countries — in America, it creates a feeling of wariness; in Israel, it creates a feeling of confidence.
It looks like US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu clearly understand what is going on in their countries: Donald Trump is trying to restore the traditional Judeo-Christian governing of America while Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to preserve and strengthen the Torah-based governing of Israel.  


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