Accrorap Dance Company - “The Roots” Dance Show Review

"The Roots" is a mixed dance technique show. Accrorap Dance Company combines hip hop, rap and break-dance in an all-male dance show that often defies the laws of gravity.
Accrorap is a French all-male dance company blending modern dance techniques including hip hop, rap, break dance, capoeira, and others. It was established by Kader Attou, an Algerian Dancer, whose aim was to bring street dancing, hip hop and acrobatics to the traditional dancing scenery.
The Roots was created in 2013 by Kader Attou. In this show he tries to build bridges and dialogs between the different and beyond it. What happens in the body as opposed to the soul, and how sensation is born in a virtuosic motion. It is a human adventure using daily objects (sofa, armchair, and table) and an old gramophone that brings childhood memories.
The Roos - Acrrorap - pic -  Mirabel whiteThe Roos - Acrrorap - pic - Mirabel white
The 90 minutes dance show has no dull moment. It is very impressive. The 11 all-male dancers are full of energy. It starts from a nostalgic moment of listening to an old gramophone and goes on to a powerful borderless dance that often defies the gravity laws by using the mutual power of the dancers who pull each other higher and further. The dance is modern and includes many break dance sceneries of the highest level and even some tap dancing. The dancers are highly talented and capable, and the combination of the mutual dance and coordinated motions that is often mirrored is fascinating.
The music is an original sound production: Regis Baillet – Diaphane, and additional music by Glazunov and Brahms. The music in the show is instrumental; it is a combination of classical, Brazilian bosa nova, and electro music, which I enjoyed a lot. Although mostly original, it was very catchy and pleasing.
Accrorap performs “The Roots” in Herzliya from June 14 to 16, 2017 and Haifa on Monday June 18th.
Disclosure: the writer was a guest of the show.