Don Carlo coming up in the Israeli Opera after Don Giovanni was sold out!

Following the big success of Don Giovanni, the Israeli opera will premier a new grandiose production of Don Carlo by Giuseppe Verdi directed by Giancarlo del Monaco.
Don Carlo - PRDon Carlo - PR

The latest production of Don Giovanni was a big success; it was sold out almost immediately after the premiere. The production was fantastic; the video art used was outstanding, transforming the stage into different settings in every scene and projecting not only as décor, but also as emotion intensification.

It is quite intriguing how such a despised character such as Don Giovanni was accepted by the audience in these times of feminist awakening when campaigns such as #MeToo are taking a lot of the public attention. Don Giovanni was quite charming in his performance (played by soloist Palle Knudsen in the premiere I watched) and got quite a lot of sympathy with his naughtiness, until his deserved dreadful end. Three hours passed like magic with excellent singing of the soloists.

The new production of Don Carlo will include especially large and colorful scenes participated by approximately 250 people on stage! The opera recreates the historical events in the spirit of the 16th century.

Don Carlo is considered the best musical creation of Verdi, expressing his liberal-humanist world-view. It unites all his operatic skills starting with traditional Bel-canto arias, forms of duets and ensembles he created especially for this opera and the French grand opera instruments. This makes this opera a grand musical and emotional experience.

Don Carlo - Yossi ZvekerDon Carlo - Yossi Zveker

In addition to international soloist, the Israeli opera chorus conducted by Ethan Schmeisser will participate together with the Opera orchestra, the Israel symphony orchestra Rishon LeZion, conducted by Daniel Oren.


Don Carlo, 9-23.3.2018

Israeli Opera