Emotion of Gold

Taking in consideration that today is Jerusalem Day, I would like to announce one poetical essay: "Emotion of gold" which had been published in one of my books in my native language. For the first time, I have decided to translate it to English, and to share it with you, here.
Happy Jerusalem day.
Emotion of gold
They asked me if I would write about you.
You impregnate each though of mine, each teardrop, story and smile.
You are a heartbeat and I listen in the power you are giving to me.
You are the purest solace of all teardrops.
You were a stumbling stone of those who aimed against what was written.
Hope is your ray, the golden Sun your crown.
You make art wordless.
You heal the souls of the hurt.
Time is the eyewitness that you are finer than all fairytale dreams of this world.
You are emotion. Emotion that recuperates what human rigor cannot slay.
You are a step of each word of mine and a place of a waiting hand after my each fail.
You are like the greatest mysteries of art.
You are magic that defies reality.
Pure as a caring mother’s smile, with an unseen love your Heaven lures ardour in those who never believed they will find salvation for tears running over cliffs of abysses.
Your tenacity is hope for healing wounds.
You remove steal bandages from stagnant scars.
With a flame of vigor you live in souls of those who love you, who come back to you.
You are the finest song of your people.
Your walls talk about the swords broke upon your soil.
Hay you fairest emotion, the prettiest bird of turbulent times, you are alive and you will live.
You are alive while the golden Sun under your wings creates opulence of wonders and Heavens listen to the echo of prayers.
How can I abandon Heavenly colors of Earth?
How can I abandon this emotion that pain cannot conquer and force cannot obliterate?
How can I leave the ground that defies blight for ages?
In hearts of your children you lived as hope for their return to you and – they returned.
If I abandon you, I’m afraid that bets shall fail the heart and pain of wounds healed shall make my blood halt.
If I abandon you, I’m afraid my soul shall rot as my body did.
Oblivion is a spear that cannot absolve.
Every single word of mine longs to be converted into a song about you.
You've become home to my heart, freedom to my being and embrace to my soul.
You, Jerusalem of gold, you are more than a city, and that is known to those who wept beneath your sky.
You are the strength of soul and a symbol of undying hope whose beauty defies the worldly, emotion that outlives the time, emotion of gold.