In order to support peace you should know the truth “We hate war. We do not rejoice in victories. We rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown, and when strawberries bloom in Israel.” -

   “Our hope - the two-thousand-year-old hope - will not be lost:
   To be a free people in our land,
   The land of Zion and Jerusalem.”
  These are words of Israel`s national anthem, written by Naphtali Herz Imber.
In the first place, I would like to ask one of the probably most popular questions:
Why do people question existence of the Jewish state?
Why Jews do not have right on their land which is older than many cultures which are questioning the existence of Israel.
Therefore, one Jewish land is too many?
In addition, I think that it is not about land it is about the statement called: Jewish homeland.
Forthwith, I would like to point out that Israel is home to all people who respect its existence, want to live in peace and share democratic values.
For instance, Israel is the only country in the Middle East which supports freedom of religion. You can be Christian Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox Christian, Muslim and none will point a finger at you, and none will stone you.
However Israel is often stoned because of its freedom and democracy.
Yes, Israel wants peace, thus, it does not mean that it will permit to be destroyed by those who call on its destruction.
Henceforth, everyone who supports terror and hate speech has no place in Israel.
I have to point out, once I was told that I am bias and that I spread hate speech writing articles like this.
First of all, behind everything what I write and say there is certain knowledge which is not bought by Pallywood propaganda.
Thereupon, behind my statements there is experience of living in Israel and number of books which I have read.
Consequently whoever states that Israel is Jewish homeland is considered for some kind of extremist? However, I point out that, yes, it is a Jewish homeland, and there are archaeological and historical proves, definitely, everyone who wants and share peace and love is welcome. Israeli people love and welcome those who share democratic values.
However, again, I guess, I am an “extremist”. I agree that it is risky and “extreme” these days to write about the truth.
I consider myself Zionist. A Zionist who supports the right of existence of Holy Land, right of all peaceful people to live there and yes, I am proud of my choice and statements.
Furthermore I would like to “apologize” to those who are disturbed by the truth and facts which I provide in my articles.
I apologize for the statements which I am saying and writing, thus, you consider them as “hate speech”.
I apologize because the truth which is based on proves is insulting you.
I apologize for supporting Jewish people to have their land just like any other people. If you think that I am wrong ad “extreme”, give up on your country and see how is it to be without a country, how is it to be hated just because of who you are.
I apologize because I consider myself Zionist and as a Zionist I dream about peace and love in the Middle East.
I apologize because I like to point out historical facts which are insulting you because of your lack of knowledge.
I apologize for loving Israel and all lovely and peaceful people.
For this reason, I can tell what I saw, what I felt and how the life there is while you were sitting in front of TV listening five minutes news.
I apologize because I will never remain silent, moreover I will always loudly condemn hate and terror attacks.
I apologize because you don`t know what is the reality in Israel, hence, if it was your country, trust me, you would think different. Defending innocent people is not a crime.
I apologize, thus, in order to understand all of what I have said and wrote you should have on mind fact that: In order to support peace you should know the truth.
“We hate war. We do not rejoice in victories. We rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown, and when strawberries bloom in Israel.”
- Golda Meir