Reality of Israel

The fact of the matter is that Israel lunched operation "Good Neighbour”, for several years. However, I did not believe that it was reported in mass media reports. On June 29, small country with big heart delivered to Syria:
- medical equipment & medicine
- 300 tents
- 30 tons of clothing,
- 28 tons of food/baby
Forthwith operation “Good Neighbour” is done several years. Why I wrote these facts? Because I dream of the day when Israel will be presented as it is, not as "war criminal" like many enemies use that term.
On the other hand terrorist of Hamas have created a new tool in order to attack Israel: Arson terrorism. According to the resource: “They have burned thousands of acres of farmland, forests and they are threatening Israeli towns closest to Gaza”
Moreover, firebombs attacks, launched rockets, arson terrorism, shootings, a number of attempts to infiltrate to Israeli towns in order to murder innocent civilians.
Would you like life like that? Would you be silent? Would you be thankful if there is an army to defend you? Israel is in flame, media is silent, and where are those “fighters for justice”? As it has been noted, this summer Hamas launched rockets on Israel, therefore,  what is more important to figure it out:
Israel defends itself.
Additionally, you are going to hear or read about it on news only when Israel defend itself and its civilians destroying terrorist tunnels and weapons. Obviously, you cannot make peace with someone who wants to murder you.
"The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything "
― Albert Einstein