"The Jewish people will never again stand defenceless"

"We Jews have a secret weapon in our struggle with the Arabs; we have no place to go." 
   - Golda Meir
I have often asked myself why people hate Jews?
Why there is Anti-Semitism?
Why there are prejudices against those who we do not know?
Why I should feel inconvenient sometimes to show my tattoo, Star of David?
Why there is a story that we are all equal?
No, we are not!
Furthermore, I would like to say that we are not equal because of those who are misinformed or of those who just hate Jews for being Jews.
In addition, why every country has the right to defend itself and Israel is a country which is often condemned for defending its territory.
Correspondingly, it is not about occupied territory; everyone who has elementary history knowledge knows that Jehud (Jew) cannot occupy Judea.
Hence, it is in fashion to support BDS activists, who are nothing but a group of haters.
Moreover, to all those who are so passionate towards hate about Israel; I suggest them to give up on all Israeli made technology, medications and innovations.
Anyway, what haters do but spread a hate?
It is a shame for those who support them as well.
It is a shame that people tend to believe in lies against Israel, taking in consideration that they have never been in Holy Land.
It is a shame how some “humans” have no shame in order to promote miserable hate.
Hate became a new brand.
As a matter of fact, it is not about “Palestine” (invented word) it is about hate towards one and only Jewish state in the world.
On the other hand, there are those like us who will never give up on telling the truth.
Our voices never shake before the bunch of liars.
Why I love Israel and consider it home? Why am I Zionist?
I have been in Israel many times. Never ever i have felt discrimination, I met people who want to help, to talk, I met people who want peace.
It is good to know that some Arabs want peace, however the only thing Jews have is Eretz Israel and Jews will never yearn again to return home. Jews will never again be prosecuted just because of what they are.
“The Jewish people will never again stand defenceless.”
Never again Jewish people will allow horrific hate, and never again any Jew should feel uncomfortable because he is a Jew.
Israel is on the map to stay; hence, Israel is always here to help those in need.
It is a country which accepts those who respect its existence.
“The IDF is the Jewish people`s answer to the crematoria and the trains,
to the gas chambers and to the death to pits.
The IDF is the revival of the Jewish people”