Think before you speak

When it comes to Israel, it is indisputable fact how hard it is to support it when you live in Europe. In fact, you don’t need to say anything; just by supporting it you are already guilty. Moreover, you may be accused for hate speech even when you don’t tell a word.
Negative issues about Israel are said by those who are not well informed about the reality in the Middle East, or by those who simply despise existence of that state. However, five minutes brainwashing propaganda showed up as quite effective tool in order to manipulate majority. Accordingly, only one side is showed in the media. Furthermore, much information may not be relevant. For instance, number of times happened that images from Syria are shown under the title: “Today in Gaza”.
Nevertheless, population is not relevantly informed. Some people think that there are Israeli troops in Gaza. There are not. Israel have launched certain military operations as a response on rocket attacks. As a supporter of Israel I was accused that I am supporting murders.
Well, I wanted to ask, how to call people who invest money in terror tunnels instead of schools and hospitals? They promote humanity? They are destroying future of their own children by not giving them proper education and conditions for better life.
Those who defend their children can’t be murders. One more reason why? Israel was delivering aid to Gaza even when terrorists were firing rockets on Israeli civilians. Furthermore, that fact will not be heard in the media. What does it mean to be murder? Is it when you destroy the future of a child? According to my opinion, it is horrible crime.
The majority in Europe do not know that there are terror camps in Gaza for children. Terrorists teach them to hate, kill and at the end blow themselves up because of their sick goals. Isn’t it child abuse? I have never heard a human right activists talking about that. Nevertheless, I have feeling that those who talk so much about evaluation of human lives, each life treat differently. Why? For instance, when women and children in Syria or Iraq are murdered, tortured or raped, I haven’t seen any protests in Europe. Why? They don’t have a human right to live or their life has low price? It is obvious that the situation is not interesting enough because Israel is not involved.
However, as far as I remember in many European cities there were protests when Israel defended its civilians. Double standards? Obviously. Moreover, I would say that it’s cynical. Another key point, children in Gaza are used as human shield. Who is protesting about the elementary rights of every child: to be pure, and a good little human being who knows how to love.
In order to support certain statements a crucial tool is knowledge. To my way of thinking, those who don’t know the facts and give themselves the right to talk about human lives are already murders. Their disinformation supports those who manipulated them.
Think before you speak, especially when it’s about innocent lives.