UNESCO passes shameful resolution

The voting on  shameful resolution which is accusing Israel as an “occupying power” took place on Israel's Independence Day.
22 nations voted in favor of the resolution.
23 nations abstained.
Ten nations voted against it.
Clarification of this shameful resolution is nothing but fake and absurd.
There is nothing valid about this shameful resolution, on the contrary;
It is obvious that UNESCO is supporting every shameful act of Palestinian propaganda in order to deny the history of Israel.
It is obvious that UNESCO is ignoring terror attacks and effort of Israel to prevent them.
It is obvious that with this shameful resolution UNESCO supported those who celebrate terror attacks.
It is obvious that with this resolution UNESCO is not contributing to peace.
Moreover, It is obvious that this resolution of shame is denial of history.
Hence, It is obvious that this shameful resolution named those who are older than many cultures as „an occupying power“.
Does your country has „an occupying power“ in your capital city?
You would answer: „No“.
Well, according to UNESCO, Israel is occupying own country, own history, own people. Israel is „occupying“ Jerusalem which is the heart of the Holy Land.
Important to mention is the fact that there is significant detail which this shameful resolution did not take in consideration: Archaeology.
Archaeology which is like living history is testimony of the truth which haters deny.
The ten countries who opposed the measure were: Italy, United States, Greece, the UK, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Germany, Paraguay, Togo and Ukraine.
Thanks these countries for your saying „No“ to this resolution of shame. Their „No“ clarify support of real history, justice, democracy and the truth.
"Our opinion is very clear. UNESCO cannot be the place for a permanent ideological confrontation," Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano clarified.
Thank you!
Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Malki has welcomed the result of the vote, moreover he has pointed out that the world had chosen to "stand on the side of what is right in the face of Israeli’s illegitimate policies and occupation.“
The world has chosen to support lies, fake history and miserable propaganda.
The world has chosen to support acts of ignorance and hate towards Israel.
The world should know one thing:
Facts, history and archaeology, cannot be buried.
The world should know that people who are not afraid to speak up about this shameful resolution and denial of history will not be silent.
The world should know that those ten countries who said „No“ denied fake history and proved their dignity and respect towards it.
The world should know that those who support propaganda against Israel are not „pacifist“ as they often say and define themselves. They are haters of history, real human rights and they disrespect those who risk their own lives to protect innocent people from terrorism.
The world should know that those who voted for this resolution gave an indirect vote to support those who celebrate terrorism and those who spread hate.
There is no resolution which may divide soul from body.
There is no resolution which may divide Jerusalem and reject that it is capital of Israel.
Jerusalem was, is and will be the capital of Israel now and forever.
Israel is place of people who love peace, Israel embrace those who support peace and respect its history regardless on their religion and nationality.
That`s Israel.
Hence, Israel will never hesitate to defend its history, its existence and its people.
“If I forget you, O Jerusalem,
let my right hand forget its skill!
Let my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth,
if I do not remember you,
if I do not set Jerusalem
above my highest joy“.
- Psalm 137:5-9