Bill Maher vs. Milo Yiannopoulos: Double Standards

Last night, Bill Maher had the temerity to suggest his guest, Milo Yiannopoulos, should not personally attack celebrities like Leslie Jones.  A bold statement from a guy who called Ivanka Trump the president's "daughter wife" on CNN last week.  However, to be fair, that was Maher being civil. On November 2, 2016, Maher did a live Facebook show, where he stated "if he's [Trump] going to do something f--king nutty, we're going to depending on Ivanka to go into that bedroom."  Maher then proceeded impersonate Ivanka jerking her father off and repeated: "daddy, daddy, daddy you have to apologize for that tweet."
I do feel bad for Ivanka Trump, but not Leslie Jones.  Jones after being attacked on twitter decided to strike back by having her own followers attack people on twitter.  She went on television and stated hate speech was not free speech.  When Yiannopoulos's book was announced, Jones took to twitter and accused the book's publisher of spreading hate speech. Jones fed the trolls.  She is a big girl with a big mouth.  She is perfectly fine boldly tweeting out her own idiosyncratic views at the expense of others, but when someone like Yiannopoulos did it to her, Jones blocked him and cried "hate speech."  Ivanka, on the hand, never took to twitter or any other medium to feed the trolls. She has never been reported saying anything offensive.  However, she is not only the target of Maher but of a massive boycott against her clothing and jewelry lines as well.  
What is happening to Ivanka is hypocrisy, and Maher rather than standing up against it, uses his celebrity status to actively participate in and purvey it.