Hope–filled or Hate-filled? What’s Your Dream?

New Year, new hope, new aspirations, and new dreams.  Reflecting on the famous words spoken by Dr. Martin Luther King decades ago, I, too, have a dream.  This past year was filled with challenges and global turmoil.  The Arab Spring sprung many very serious leaks which have yet to be mended.  The legs of the peace-talk table proved to be warped and wobbly at best.  Government intrusion into the lives of individuals grew to an all time high, or, better stated, to an all time low. Rogue regimes such as Iran under the leadership of smiley-faced Rouhani, have seemingly duped the world into believing that their nuclear goals are benevolent.  Once strong democracies seem to have become weak-kneed in the face of Islamic opposition and to save face we are calling this weakness “tolerance” and “inclusion” and “multi-culturalism.”  Nevertheless, I have a dream, in fact I have several dreams, and I share them with millions of true, Bible-believing, Evangelical, Zionist, Christians around the world.  There, I said it … ZIONIST! 

We dream of the day when all Arab and Muslim nations will clearly understand that Israel is not their enemy and does not want war but rather simply wants to live in peace. 
We dream of the day when Israel''s so-called Palestinian neighbors will overcome their deep-rooted hatred for Israel and put an end to their violence and terrorism choosing instead to live in peaceful co-existence with the Israeli people.
We dream of the day when the United Nations will understand that Israel is not the cause of the conflict and turmoil in the Middle East, and of a day when they will stop their unreasonably biased habit of passing resolutions condemning Israel while ignoring the barbaric and evil actions and rhetoric of their `Muslim neighbors.
We dream of the day when the current United States president will overcome his obvious pro-Muslim leaning and resume the U.S. government''s historically respectful treatment of Israel as America''s only faithful and democratic ally in the Middle East.
We dream of the day when the Muslim nations of the world will denounce their oppressive Sharia laws and adopt democratic policies and practices thereby allowing their people to live with freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom to redress grievances.  We dream of a day when Muslim women will not be treated as property but instead will enjoy a position of respect in Islamic society as honored wives and mothers and with legal rights as citizens.
We dream of the day when Muslim nations will give up their convictions and practices of spreading their religion by means of militant jihad, or by means of the sword, and when they will genuinely turn Islam into a religion of peace, as they claim is the essence of the Koran.
We dream of the day when the international news media will discern and report the truth about Israel''s current events and about Israel''s national character and quality, and when they will turn away from their long and strongly held pro-Arab and pro-Muslim bias.
We dream of the day when the Israeli military will not have to stay on alert every hour day and night along all of Israel’s borders and will not have to be constantly on watch for attacks by Muslim terrorists.
We dream of the day when all of Israel, citizens and leaders alike, will stand strong in the confidence of knowing that the Jews are G-d’s special and chosen people and that the land is their rightful, G-d-given inheritance.
We dream of the day when Israeli spiritual leaders will obliterate the nation''s spiritual divisions and unite the Jewish people in true worship and service of the holy, loving, and faithful G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
We dream of the day when all Jewish and Israelis people will understand that there are millions of Christians around the world who love, respect and support Israel for no other reasons than because G-d, the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, said we should.  I am not speaking of the people who called themselves Christians in the past while at the same time perpetrating atrocities against the Jewish people.  Those “Christians” were not reading out of the same Book which we Zionist Christians are reading and understanding today. 
We dream of the day when Israel as a nation will reflect the quality and respect that it once knew during the historic reign of King David that she may be a light unto all the nations.
Yes, we conservative, Bible-believing, Evangelical, Zionist Christians have a dream … And we dream big.
To the people of Israel, my prayer for you is that Peace will be your special gift each and every day of this New Year.