Political correctness regarding Islam: America's biggest mistake?


Communities across the US are starting to pay the price for their apathetic attitude toward the rapid growth of Islam in America. Mosques in America have increased by 74% in the first decade of the new millennium. Even small communities are experiencing the spread of radical Islamic teachings.
Against the backdrop of the Muslim call to prayer five times a day being blasted over loudspeakers in cities like Dearborn, Mi., are the demands by Muslims that their Sharia Law be enforced in Islamic colonies. Some states like Kansas have passed laws against any foreign law taking precedence over any US law.
Several years ago an article in Human Events reported that then would be President Barak Hussein Obama proudly proclaimed back in 2007 that the Muslim call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on earth.” A 2010 Time Magazine poll indicated that nearly 25% of Americans believe Obama is a Muslim. Certainly, if actions are any indicator--they are speaking loud and clear.
When Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently requested an audience with President Obama while he was in New York at the United Nations, Mr. Obama’s response was that he was unable to meet because of his tight schedule yet Mr. Obama had time to appear on the David Letterman television talk show. This was certainly not the first time President Obama embarrassed Prime Minister Netanyahu by failing to give him the courtesy due to any head of state. Shortly after being elected Prime Minister of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu visited the White House. Instead of being welcomed at the front door he and his staff were ushered in the back door, not served kosher food, and they were not given a special invitation to dine with the President which is a tradition that goes back many decades. This I know to be the absolute truth as I served in senior level positions in four administrations starting with President Nixon. When the leader of the Palestinians, Abu Mazen (a.k.a. Mahmoud Abbas), came to visit Mr. Obama the White House rolled out the red carpet and sent him home with some $400 million dollars in taxpayer funded aid. Quite a contrast, wouldn’t you say?
Muslims are serving in senior level positions on the staffs of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Secretary of Homeland Security. This is reflected throughout the rest of the federal government. For example, Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy Claire Lopez says that since a 2010 directive, the texts of more than 700 documents and 300 PowerPoint presentations having references to “Islamic extremisms” were purged. Lopez says that the State Department is working to criminalize any criticism of Islam and wants to bring US law into compliance with the Islamic law on slander.
Many of America’s political and religious leaders stand firm against radical Islam and the threat of violence against Israel and Western civilization, the outcome of the upcoming presidential election in November in America will determine how much “we the people” are willing to tolerate radical Islam in America. Political correctness blinds citizens and politicians alike, and it is a tool Muslims could easily use to hijack and colonize American society. America’s future as a free and democratic society hangs in the balance and our future is linked with Israel’s future.
America must remain as “One nation under God”–the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob –for our own survival as well as for the safety and survival of the only other country in the Middle East which shares our values--Israel. We must not allow political correctness to muzzle what we truly believe. Failure to do so could be our undoing.