Don't Swap Me

 My name is Marc Goldberg, personal number 5489872 and I am a reservist in a Paratrooper unit.
Should I be captured in battle it is my express will that not one single Palestinian prisoner be exchanged for me.
I expect my country and the army that I serve in to attempt any rescue deemed to have a reasonable chance of success but I will not be responsible for my government allowing the most heinous terrorists ever to see the inside of an Israeli jail go free for me.
They kill themselves in order to kill us, the least I can do is put my life on the line to ensure my fellow Jews remain safe.
The IDF of old would have attempted a rescue of Gilad or kidnapped such high ranking members of Hamas that they would have been forced to set him free (such as in Operation Argaz in 1972). Enough of this nonsense.
I tip my hat to the Shalit family for running a very successful campaign and I blame them in no way for doing all that they had to do to free Gilad, my family would have done the same thing.
The government should have known better than this though. It will now be hunting season for any Israeli to be bundled off to Gaza.