A Place in the Sun, Airbnb an affordable alternative to Tel Aviv Pricey Hotels

Tel Aviv is the center of all things startup in Israel and it makes sense that it also has the highest density of Airbnb holiday rental listings per capita. While there are no shortage of hotels in Tel Aviv, they are incredibly expensive and Airbnb can be much more affordable and  and give a lot more bang for your buck.

I am working on a new venture and we needed a place for our team to get together for a hardcore “hackathon” work session (24/7 work session to power through a really tough part of the programming).  I wanted be central in Tel Aviv but I also wanted a place with a great atmosphere which would be fun. A hotel was out of the question as there was no way we could all squish into one room for a few days.  On Airbnb I found the perfect place which was aptly named “Amazing Beach Apartment in Tel Aviv” https://www.Airbnb.com/rooms/1635050.  It lived up to it’s name and was indeed amazing.

Our host Guy Fomin manages a variety of apartments and is incredibly professional.  He met us downstairs and instructed us to the parking spot which was located in the building.  Then he came up with us and helped us get settled in.  He was available by phone and text but we didn’t have any issues as everything in the apartment went smoothly.  

The apartment is the ultimate best location in Tel Aviv, it was right in the center of the city, directly on the beach and next to most of the biggest and swankiest hotels.  For the price of a small room in a large hotel, we got a two bedroom apartment with a large living room and kitchen right on the beach. The apartment was newly renovated with a fresh modern style. There were two bathrooms, one with a full bath and one with a shower. The best feature was actually the huge windows in the livingroom and bedroom that gave the feeling of basically being on the beach and the porch where we could sit out and hear the waves crashing while we had our morning coffee.

There are two bedrooms but the apartment actually accommodates six comfortably with a couch that turns into a bed in the living room.  The building itself is from the 80’s and the exterior has the old Israeli feel on the outside which belied how amazing it was on the inside.  There is a main entrance and foyer with a locked door which people need either a key or to be buzzed in to get in the building.  The building has a gym and jacuzzi which were outdated and we didn’t use them.  But there was a sauna which was really nice and great at the end of the day when we were chilly from coming in from the ocean.  The building also had free parking which is a major bonus in Tel Aviv where parking is both hard to find and expensive.

Despite the apartment being central to pretty much everything, we didn’t venture out much. As it turns out, we needed to come up with a video on a 24 hour deadline.  Thankfully, our host didn’t mind if we used the apartment to film - so you can see us hard at work on Civilize (my new venture) if you would like to take a look at out video here.

For us, it was the perfect place get things done.  We had everything that we needed plus a stunning view and a place that was so great that friends wanted to stop by and hang out.  This apartment would also be ideal for a family as there was plenty of room, it was very comfortable and kid friendly.

What made the place really special was the combination of great interior design, central location and it’s amazing view.  As our hackathon drew to a close and we were packing up we savored every last minute, had a glass of wine on the balcony and waited for our host to come for check out.

He came personally and spent some time with us, telling us about managing the apartments in general and working with Airbnb in particular.  As a host, he had been incredibly accommodating to our special requests, helpful and professional. Our stay went smoothly as did our check out.

To see the apartment on Airbnb you can find the listing at “Amazing Beach Apartment in Tel Aviv” https://www.Airbnb.com/rooms/1635050, to contact the host directly or see other apartments that are available, you can contact him through SeaNrent at www.seanrent.com phone number 011-972-544-450-5833.

writer was a guest of seanrent