Ben Gurion rolling in grave due to revolting Tel Aviv Chinese food

I travel on the train often to Tel Aviv and get off at the station near the Azrieli mall. I invariably end up there hungry and tired and sometimes I pick up something while I am waiting.

Walking past a Chinese food stand in the food court I thought that I would give it a go. I ordered their business lunch which was a main dish, rice, side dish, soup and eggroll. When I got my food and sat down the food was worse than terrible- it was revolting. I literally had to spit it into a napkin. Everything was oily, mushy and poorly seasoned. It was every bad cliche of what bastardized western style Chinese food can be.

Poor Ben Gurion- I don’t know what he did to have his attached to this awful restaurant (Ben Gurion Chinese food… really? someone explain the connection because I don’t get it)

For the first time ever, I had a meal that was so bad that I just trashed it even though I was starving. I probably should have complained but I knew that they wouldn’t give me my money back and didn’t even want to try anything else on their menu.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.