Don't Bogart My Revolution

As is to be expected with a massive social movement of any sort- there was a huge boost of energy and unity in the beginning and now various elements are now vying for control.
 Daphni Leef and her inner circle seems to have spun into la la land where they are putting on red shirts and communicating through jazz hands while those who want to find a reasonable way to work with the government are struggling to find a voice. 
Masses of people came out because they all identified with the problem- rising prices and stagnant wages i.e. “not being able to finish the month” but not because they had the solution. Thus the chaos is normal and predictable, but still unsettling.  
The summer is ending and there is still no tangible goal- nothing to achieve besides "social justice" which is a concept so broad it leaves me asking the question... does it mean anything at all?
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