Google Launchpad uses Invisu to Help Entrepreneurs Pitch Perfect

There is a huge difference between knowing how to build a technology and knowing how to pitch it to investors. With the rise of “Corporate Storytelling”, big tech companies who incubate startups are realizing that it is crucial to help their entrepreneurs learn how to pitch like a pro.
Donna Griffit is an International Corporate Storyteller and has been working with entrepreneurs in Israel and around the world for years. Griffit was active as a mentor and coach at the Google Tel Aviv Campus before relocating to Silicon Valley.
After coaching other startups for so long, she decided that it was time to create her own own ( and leverage her experience and scale her ability to help people perfect their pitch. Invisu is a tool that guides entrepreneurs in creating their concise, visual responsive one-pager, solves the pitch challenge all startups face.
Invisu synthesizes the most important parts of a business plan, an executive summary and a pitch deck - creating the only tool an entrepreneur needs to tell their story and track engagement before, during or after a meeting. Investors receive a visual and responsive one pager that enables them, in minutes, to understand what the company does and decide whether to meet with them as a potential investment opportunity.
Google Launchpad chooses a select group of startups from around the world and provides them with technology, events, online resources, expertise and community to launch and scale their products. They have just announced that they will incorporate invisu into the suite of services which are part of the program to help developers present better to investors.
Griffit is also a presenter for a video in a series called “How I” for the Google Developer Launchpad Channel on YouTube. Google has released a video entitled ‘How I: Build one-pagers to get investment meetings’ showcasing invisu as a recommended tool for creating one pagers, The video is also spread among Google Developer Launchpad community following their G+ and twitter.
To learn more, visit invisu welcomes all startup founders to join invisu free and create your startups one pager here: