Huduyou love?

No matter how many years I have been living in Israel, I still feel overwhelmed if I need to go searching for someone to hire or a new service to use.  That''s why I was really psyched to discover the new Israeli start up Huduyou 


It doesn’t matter if I am looking for a good lawyer or someone to come clear out a clogged pipe- the first thing that I will do is ask a friend for a recommendation. I think that this is what most people do, regardless of whether or not they are immigrants.  But, as an Anglo in Israel, this is particularly important because I am not that adept at searching online in Hebrew (in fact, I really suck at it). Also, I have found that there is something about an American accent that screams “Charge me more!!” so I tend to go with people who I am told that I can trust.

Huduyou is a new Israeli start up created to be a platform for making trusted recommendations through your social network. The premise is pretty simple, your friends recommend people and services and makes it easy to find someone you trust- through people you trust.  The user interface is very easy to use and friendly.  It only takes a click to find someone or to make a recommendation.  I also really like that they have you connect through facebook which means that each of the reviews is done by a real person and it is much harder for companies to try shameless promotion by fake reviews.  It also lets you see which of your facebook friends is using the service and who they recommend.


Best part is, if have any questions about a review then you can simply contact the person who wrote it.  I like that a lot.


Started by Anglo immigrants to Israel Yoav Schwartz, Jeff Schneiderman, and Benji Hain, Huduyou is a mashup of yelp, the yellow pages and It is just launching now and I highly recommend that you go check it out and make some recommendations and tell your friends. They have an iphone app coming out soon which I will definitely be checking out.

Huduyou is hyperlocal which means that no matter where you are, the recommendations are going to be relevant to your neighborhood. This is a great way to find people to hire, and also to promote people that you like.  Also, by joining in early and telling your friends, you have a chance to help launch a great new Israeli startup.

Now Huduyou love?