Jerusalem Woodstock revival

The Woodstock festival
has become an annual event in Jerusalem (you can read my article about last year’s festivities here.)  There are certain cultural events that Anglo immigrants all share.  Woodstock was a pivotal moment for American music and so many of us either grew up or were coming of age listening to the classic 60’s music.
The concert last year was a lot of fun and was very nostalgic for me. Every summer my parents would bring me to outdoor concerts and even though they missed the original Woodstock- they were serious folk music fans.  My dad was particularly hard core and made sure that I was schooled in the classics from the Weavers and Pete Seeger to Leadbelly.
Woodstock here in Israel brought back the wonderful feeling of being outdoors in the breezy summer air and enjoying good music. I can''t believe that I am saying this, but I was really loving the astro-turf at Kraft Stadium, especially having now been to so many dusty Israeli music festivals. I had my kids with me and they had a great time – including an award for my youngest son as best Hippy costume (and the funniest part of that was that I hadn’t dressed him up for the event.) 
Being able to take them to an event like Woodstock makes me feel like I am able to make a bridge between my childhood and theirs- I can give them a little piece of what was once a huge part of my life. My parents instilled a love of music in me that only grew as I got older. I eventually learned how to play guitar and write my own music (you can listen to it on my facebook fanpage) which is a mix of the American Folk music I grew up on and Middle Eastern music which I grew to love after moving to Israel.
Plan is to be there again this year and I am looking forward to some good times and great music.
The third JWR line-up of artists includes: Yael Dekelbaum, from the nationally acclaimed group "Banot Nechama" tributing Janis Joplin &Joni MitchellTree playing The Grateful Dead and the rock group Libi & The Flash covering Joe Cocker & Cream.
Tickets to be purchased at:
Kraft Stadium – 02 623 6443
Bimot – 02 623 7000
*For more information and tickets:
Or contact Nadia Levene: [email protected] 0545337000