Live blogging from DLD Tel Aviv tech conference

Lunch was like a carnival. DLD has attracted start ups, investors and tech geeks from all over the world. A group from Amazon that flew in from the States said they call Tel Aviv "Silicon Wadi"
Thought that was pretty good description. Tel Aviv is hosting the DLD conference and I am here live blogging about innovation and all the amazing people who are here.
The morning kicked off with a flute performance by Tel Aviv mayor Ron Huldai. Props to him for a pretty awesome performance watch the video here.
The first session I went to was "the Role of New Media in Social Networks Revolutions". What I got from is was the feeling that industry experts are creating a new way to experience just about everything from shopping to making new friends- but the most meaningful moment came when Jeff Pulver spoke about how he looked at a picture of his father, who had passed away and wondered about what he had been thinking and feeling at that age. But now, when he looks at his sons he knows that they will have a record of his life. From the blog he has been doing for years to the things he has tweeted- his children will know who he was and there will be a record of his life.
This is true for all of us. As we post and tweet we are creating our own legacies. A potent thought and great way to start the conference. More soon...