Powdered sugary goodness

For some reason, most powdered sugar in Israel is sold in tiny packets.  If you want to use it to cook or make frosting then you need to buy a whole bunch of packets at a time- this is fine except every once in a while I get them mixed up with the little tiny baking soda packets and that is seriously annoying (and disgusting).
Rami Levy has a new in store brand called "mamon" in general, I have found their products to be nicely packaged but disappointing.  A few days ago (still in search of the perfect powdered sugar) I noticed that they had powdered sugar in a long tube about the size of a Pringles container.  I didn''t realize how awesome this was until I got it home and saw that the top was like a tiny sifter.  Basically, you turn the container upside down and sift out the powdered sugar which creates the perfect dusting every time.
The best part is that my kids can do it to.  Instead of syrups or heavy toppings- we just do a fine dusting of powdered sugar which doesn''t spill or make a big mess. For my kids putting it on is half the fun.  FYI, it is so much fun- and filled with sugary goodness that you need to keep an eye on kids so that the fine dusting doesn''t turn into a snow storm all over the table.
I highly recommend checking this out.  If you give it a try I would love to hear your comments.
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