Ultimate Airbnb Wishlist for DLD Tel Aviv

 DLD is Israel’s biggest Tech Conference of the year. It is actually even bigger than just a conference and referred to as an “Innovation Festival.” Entrepreneurs and Investors come from all over the world and the whole city is full of events from early in the morning until late at night.
I go every year and I have seen an interesting trend. Many attendees seem to have switched from hotels to booking through Airbnb. But the one problem that I have seen is that people end up taking places which are spread out all over the city- sometimes, really far away from where they need to be and this ends up being a hassle. 
It’s a shame really because the area around the Tachana (where the conference is being held) is on the beach, near most of the best restaurants and clubs plus the area has many really great places to stay. I put together a wishlist for anyone who is coming and hasn’t booked a place yet.  When I made it all the places were available but they seem to be going fast so I wouldn't wait to book if something catches your eye.
I had a few goals for the list- all apartments are walking distance to the conference, there is a something great for every price range (from $50 to $1,800) per night, and I did my best to chose places which had good reviews. I also tried to choose places that would work for an individual and some for a group. The list starts with more of the high end places and the prices get more affordable as you scroll down.
You can check out my DLD Wishlist here.
Let me know in the comments if I have missed anything good and I will add it in!