Jerusalemites: Eszter's and Jo's story

They come from Europe.
Jo is a trumpet player and Eszter is training to be a foreign language teacher.

Eszter: "I moved to Jerusalem about two years ago to join my fiancé in Israel. From the very first visit I thought that Jerusalem is a fantastic place to live in.The city has so many hidden corners that only Jerusalemites get to enjoy. Now we are planning our wedding which will take place here in Jerusalem and we are very excited to welcome our guests from abroad, showing them around one of the most interesting places in the world."

Jo: “I arrived in Jerusalem in 2008 and immediately felt at home. I hugely enjoy the city’s relaxed atmosphere and the fact that it is small enough for many faces on the street to quickly become familiar. Now I’m looking forward to building a home here with Eszter and spending many more years enjoying all the quirks that Jerusalem has to offer”.