Jerusalemites: John's story

"Wonderful Israeli soldiers, beautiful Israeli women, Eretz Israel... What else is there"?
John enjoys every friday at shuk. It is fun to be there especially on Fridays.


John here, the accent is from NY but I made aliyah after living in S. California for 30 years. Former Marine 62-66, Vietnam 65/66.
Been playing with the camera since about 1977. Photographed Models in the '70s + '80s for fashion & glamor mags no one ever heard of. Photographed 100% more receptions then weddings. Preferred parties and large get together in the States… Never ever… formal stuff. In Israel… No weddings, Bar/ Bat Mitzvas, or Britzs…?
First came to Israel as a tourist the end of '96 and continued coming as a tourist each year for weeks or months till 2003. Made aliyah in May of 2005 and have been living in Jerusalem since then.
When people ask me if I am a professional…? I reply “only if you pay me”, never carried the camera with me in the States till I had a job to do. In Israel I am NEVER without it.
The biggest compliment, I feel, I received was after a few trips here I was showing photos to folks at my congregation in the States and there were all all amazed saying: “My G-d all these Israelis are smiling… this can’t be Israel” & these shots were in the middle of the 2nd Intifada time period.
That is basically my chosen style of shooting. I love this crazy insane place that continually gets me angry but I see, in my heart, the love, happiness & warm reality that is all over the place. That’s what my camera sees and that’s what I try to capture.
Shalom + Tikvah J.V./ “Home is Israel, the camera is my security blanket… the rest is commentary!”