Holocaust Remembrance Day

There is a place just on the other side of the Hudson with startling views of LADY LIBERTY - STARTLING. I had occasion to visit there just the other day.

LIBERTY was profoundly the central theme in the room. JUSTICE and LIBERTY and inalienable FREEDOM.
It got me thinking about how EASY it is to lose site of the ''bigger picture.''
I thought of that old woman, whom I''ve mentioned before - the one on Park Avenue who begs for money every day. I thought of the juxtaposition of these two statements:
"Impoverished desperation" versus "luxurious autocracy."
How both can coexist within the same 3 mile radius?
Then I thought of how it was just "Holocaust Remembrance Day," and how my parents suffered so. I thought that one never truly knows SECURITY... for it can "leave the building", unnoticed, and render one SHOCKINGLY INDIGENT, with no real warning having been waged.
I found myself wondering how my "LADY LIBERTY" would feel without her shining and utterly FABULOUS countenance, and whether even SHE could be subject to DESTITUTION at any given moment.