Is a "mistaken marriage" a LIFE SENTENCE ??

 Is it true that once you have a ''child'' with a person...
 that the person becomes inextricably bound to you ?
and YOU to THEM ?
regardless of changing circumstances, divorce(s), ''insanity'', etc ?
What if you''ve been a VICTIM with regard to this person ?
thinking, for instance, that they were ONE WAY....
only to find, to your utter chagrin and horror,
that they really were NOT AT ALL what they seemed ?
And what if....
you had attempted to CUT ALL TIES from the insane creature ?
only then to be reeled back in, without notice,
 to whatever "INSANITY du JOUR" was being presented on some ''silver-plate'' platter of nonsense?
and what if....YOU CARED SO LITTLE ABOUT THE PERSON at this point,
but SO MUCH about your child....
that you were just willing to just "be nice and sweet and genuine" with them ?
only then to be MIS LEAD....MIS REPRESENTED to....
yet again ?
Understand me, people....
REALLY it is !!
lol''s my question:
How long do you need to have INANE and INSANE dealings with this CRAZY PERSON ?
Are you NOT allowed, at some point,
 to just
MOVE ON ????
AWAY ???
to cut TIES ???
Is ''mistaken'' marriage a LASTING PRISON sentence ?
How can this be ??!
 EVEN EX CONS get the chance to move forward ...
BUT NOT ""divorced people"" ???
Thoughts ?