I've been thinking about 'my people'...

Having been recently cast, head-on, into the proverbial ''limelight'', I have had occasion to really notice a few things about ''US'', as JEWS, collectively. We tend to react FEVERISHLY in somewhat ''benign'' circumstances, taking virtually EVERY statement, comment, etc. PERSONALLY. It is as if we''ve been PERPETUALLY attacked.
Our indignation is almost palpable in nature. We, ''en masse'', seem a tad ''angry'', ''defensive'' and ''competitive''. What''s this about? Is it historical? Is it in our DNA?
Understand this - when I speak about JEWS, I speak first and foremost, of MYSELF.
After a lifetime of walking around with the ''boxing gloves'' on, it may be time to "CHANGE THE SCRIPT" a bit. And what do the ''others'' know that we don''t? I''m refering to the Buddhists, the  Taoists, etc. Do these others simply PREACH the ''good word'', but  behave with the same, human, indignation as do the rest of us (talking the talk, but NOT walking the walk)?
How can we move past this angry behavior? How can we get  out of our own, obstinate ways? Rise above the fray, if you will. Let''s consider how to actually enter into ''the light''.
I don''t mean to sound posthumous and corny. I''m really very serious about this. We can behave in a decidedly more ELEGANT FASHION. There is no question about this.
How can we begin to emerge as a kinder, more ''patient'' people?