On Hanukka

In a world filled with obscenity, greed and lots of superfluous ''hoo haa'', there is something deliciously BASIC about the festival of Hanukka. After all, what is this holiday really about? It is about ''our'' GREAT, collective ability to SURVIVE.It is about LIGHT. It is about MIRACLES.
This is one of the few holidays in Judaism where the children, regardless of age, can REALLY PARTICIPATEin a perfuctory way. We rejoice.  We spin silly,colorful, wooden tops. We play games. We eat CARBS !!(lol) We give gifts!
And WHY NOT?, I ask you. Why not rejoice a little? Have we forgotten HOW to be happy?
Judaism is NOT about oppression and misery. Contrarily, Judaism mandates that we fulfill our individual needs for happiness. Plain and simple, people. Enough with the constant need to lament and repent and BEG forgiveness. A LIGHT and FESTIVE holiday!
Hanukka Sameach!