Thwarting the Obligations.....Specialists therein......

There were SO MANY things to deal with.....

Yikes !!
Where would she find the time ??
WOULD she find the time ?
What if Everything were bundled into a neat, zip locked, bag of hoo haa ??
Wouldn''t that be BETTER ??
Were there SPECIALISTS in "muddled hoo haa" ??
She''d Google it !!
YES !!!
And then she''d take the WHOLE, pernicious, zip locked bag......
and she''d effectively TOSS IT into somebody ELSE''S hands !!
hence THWARTING the perceptible  bag of rocks and debris which
 she''d been LUGGING around on her broken,
( yet lovely),
shoulders since the YEAR ALEPH !!........
This was a CAPITAL IDEA, Watson !!!
Yes !!!
She was googling it now !!
" Specialist in LUMPING entire sacks of OBLIGATIONS and TO DO lists
into a Neat, Zip locked BAG,
and taking complete OWNERSHIP away from OVERLY ENCUMBERED women !"