Boycott Israel? Good Grief

There has been much written recently about BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions) against Israel following Professor Stephen Hawkings’ decision to cancel his appearance at the Israeli Presidential Conference in June.  My response is to provide an update to members of the BDS club of my previous articles here and here on the stupidity and futility of boycotting the Jewish State.  For my sources to this latest blog, I am using only medical news articles since January 2013 – i.e. the last four and a half months.  The following is just a small selection – a more extensive list will be posted on my blogsite in the next week or so.

Dear BDS member.  By boycotting Israeli treatments and research you will cause the deaths of millions of children from Hepatitis B because they couldn’t have SciGen’s Sci-B-Vac only third-generation Hep B virus vaccine.  You would have to destroy the research by Hadassah Medical Organization that located the gene that causes recurrent life-threatening infections and bone marrow failure in children.  The babies born deformed and blind from ectodermal dysplasia cannot touch the gene therapy that Israel’s Technion has developed.  Children paralysed by the genetic brain disease Peripheral Neuropathy will just have to whistle for the medication developed by doctors at Hadassah Medical Center – except of course that they can’t whistle. 
BDS members obviously have no wish to cure cancer. 
BDS members have no heart, no brain and no spine, otherwise why would they want to boycott Israeli cardiology, neurology and spinal treatments? 
Heartless BDS members would need to avoid
Brainless BDS activists can ignore Israel’s latest neurological discoveries and innovations such as:
Spineless BDS bigots will have to forgo
Finally, I can understand that you BDS people have no feelings for humanity.  But surely you must care for animals?  So please don’t boycott the first vaccine effective against canine monocytic ehrlichiosis (CME), a sometimes fatal tick-borne disease in dogs.  I realise that two Hebrew University veterinary scientists developed it, but you can’t let a poor animal suffer, can you?
Next week, I will post a feature on some of the Palestinian Arabs, Syrians, Iraqis etc. who have benefited from not boycotting Israel.
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