Building a New World

 In synagogues this week, Jews read about Noah and the Biblical flood, which tells of the destruction of the ancient world.  Today, there are many evils that again threaten to flood the planet, but at least now we have a nation - Israel - busy re-constructing the world to prevent disease, thirst, hunger, pollution and terrorism from submerging mankind.  Here are some of Israel’s most recent activities.
In the new world no one will have Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or Type 2 diabetes.  Ben Gurion University researchers have just discovered that these diseases have a common link in the build-up of a peptide, for which treatments now can be developed.  Another Israeli innovation facilitates damaged hearts to be repaired by building replacement tissue impregnated with gold atoms.  The electrical conductivity property of gold carries signals to and from the heart until the new tissue grows sufficient amounts of protein to do the same job. 
Complex fractures are often repaired by regenerating the bone using grafts taken from somewhere else in the body.  But now the damaged bone can be rebuilt from coral grown in the laboratory by Israel’s OkCoral.  And during breast cancer awareness month we are building our hopes up for a world without this deadly disease.  Among many Israeli discoveries and treatments is the vital Octava early diagnosis cancer test from Israel’s Eventus.
The excitement has been building for three international conferences showcasing world-changing Israeli technology.  The International Polymer Processing Society (PPS) is holding its annual conference in Israel for the first time in its 30-year history.  Top experts will discuss 3D printing, nano-technology, biodegradable polymers, super-hygrophobicity, medical polymers, smart materials and much more.  At the International Astronautical Congress in Toronto, over 200 leaders in the “space business” gathered at the Israel exhibit.  Israel is one of only seven countries to launch and maintain its own satellites and works closely with both NASA and the European Space Agency.  And the Israel Conference in Los Angeles at the end of October will feature 75 stellar speakers from Israel-facing hi-tech companies building the technologies and products of tomorrow.
Most computers are now built with Israeli technology inside.  Intel’s latest Core M chip was designed in Israel, as is its successor - the SkyLake due to be released in 2015.  Meanwhile, Israel’s Stratasys has built a factory described as the most advanced in the world for the production of 3D printers.  And Israel’s Nano Dimension is building a desktop-sized 3D printer that prints electrical circuit boards so that one day you may be able to print your own computer or mobile phone.
Israel is helping to build a world free from polluting chemicals.  The Jewish State has joined a group of 41 countries that have agreed to drop all customs duties on goods that contribute to a cleaner environment.  The global deal will also make Israel’s vast range of clean technology products cheaper abroad.  Israel is also building a new clean technology hub at Kibbutz Ketura near Eilat. The hub will allow companies to build and test products that provide energy and water to poor populations that are not connected to their national grids.  The waste digesters from Israel’s HomeBioGas already do this for Bedouin residents of the Arab town of Umm Batin near Beersheva. Israel’s environment ministry even subsidizes the 8,000-shekels cost per unit.  Additional units are heading overseas as part of a pilot project in the Dominic Republic.
In the new world, discrimination would be non-existent.  The Jewish State leads the way, for the head of Ziv Medical Center is Dr. Salmaan Zarka - a Druze Arab, and women are in charge of Hadassah, HaEmeq and Carmel hospitals.  Arab states would have good relations with Israel.  Already, hundreds of individual Syrians happily trust Israeli doctors with their lives; the Arab media praises Israel’s treatment of its Palestinian Arab workers; and Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian Authority and even Turkey are negotiating to buy Israeli natural gas.
Away from the Middle East, there is even more cause to be optimistic about relations with countries that have large Muslim populations.  According to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, “the sky’s the limit” to Israel-India ties as evidenced by the warm meeting in New York between the leaders of the two states.  Turning next to Azerbaijan - the biggest supplier of oil to Israel and its closest Muslim ally.  Moshe Ya’alon was the first Israeli Defense Minister to visit the majority Shiite nation since diplomatic relations were established 22 years ago. And finally, Israeli eye doctors performed 55 operations and examined over 250 patients at the Eye Microsurgery Department of Osh Interregional Hospital in Kyrgyzstan
There are no doubts amongst many of Israel’s supporters that Israel is key to a better world.  Every year thousands of Zionist Christians express their belief in the Biblical prophet Zechariah’s vision that “all nations of the world will come to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles”.
Finally, even Noah might have been impressed by the efforts of six Israelis to reach Israel in time for Tabernacles.  They swam the 236 miles (380km) from Cyprus to Tel Aviv to make a new world record and build awareness for protecting the environment of the Mediterranean. 
Israel – making a world of difference.
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