Do you want to know a secret?

It is likely that you were unaware that Israel’s Bar-Ilan University hosted the second annual Winter School on Cryptography last month. Keeping information secret is of real interest only to computer professionals. Sadly though, it is just as likely that most of Israel’s vital developments are also being kept well hidden from world attention, thanks to the global media. So today I publish “Mickyleaks” – Michael’s not so exclusive - but just as astonishing - revelations about the recent achievements of the Jewish State.
I’ll start by exposing recent medical advances, developed in the Jewish State, which will upset many anti-Israel so-called “aid” organisations. Israeli biotech Vascular Dynamics has produced a stent implant to prevent strokes. The stent is implanted by a non-invasive procedure into the cerebral arteries and increases blood-flow to the brain. Vascular Dynamics has just raised finances to help take the stent through human clinical trials. Sceptic shock – also known as Sepsis - is the body’s final response to infection and is responsible for over 200,000 deaths in the US every year. The non-invasive haemo-dynamic monitoring systems from Israel’s Cheetah Medical are used in the management of Sepsis and are at the centre of a clinical study into the condition. 


Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) accounts for 85% of all lung cancer cases. Israeli biotech BioView Ltd has just signed a cooperation agreement with a California company, to develop a non-invasive diagnostic test for the early detection of NSCLC. Meanwhile, Israeli researchers have identified a new chemical compound that may lead to prolonged lifespan for patients with Amytotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s) and other neuro-degenerative diseases. The compound can induce an increased production of the enzyme telomerase, which slows the progression of ALS. Finally, Psychology Professor Marilyn Safir and Dr. Helene Wallach of the University of Haifa have developed a virtual reality (VR) therapy combined with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to treat the fear of flying (aviophobia) and many other psychological conditions.
I’m sure that the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions mob will hate me for publishing this next set of material. I’ll start with 25-year-old Muslim Bushra Khalilieh from the Galilee who presented the Jewish State’s position to South African university campuses during “Apartheid” week. Amongst her comments were “I love my country (Israel)” and “I feel Israel to be my hometown where there’s equality and I have all my rights.” Mind you, somehow this “Mickyleak” has already been publicised in the Arab news media Ma’an. Next, President Assad of Syria will not be happy to hear that five Arab Druse players (2 girls and 3 boys) from the Golan Heights play in the Metulla Arab-Jewish junior ice-hockey team. “When you play together, you forget that you are Arabs and Jews,” said Mayyas Sabag, a 12-year-old forward. And on the subject of racial harmony, this video shows how all three major religions co-exist in Jerusalem – our united capital city. 


Other deep secrets include the undersea cable that will ultimately allow Israel to supply electricity from its newly discovered natural gas, with the European Union. The 287 km cable will be more than 2km deep and have a capacity of 2,000 megawatts – one of the biggest in the world. I’d also be surprised if 600,000 Californians know that their water pressure is managed by a system developed by IBM Israel.
Don’t be surprised when you see “made in Israel” on the credits of some excellent TV dramas being broadcast in the UK. And if you are wondering why mobile subscribers using AT&T seem to have no trouble connecting to their service when other cell phone users cannot get a signal, I can now inform you that it’s due to the smart software from Israel’s Intucell that prevents cell-phone overload. When too many mobile subscribers swamp one AT&T cell-phone tower, Intucell’s Self-Optimizing Network technology enlists the help of nearby towers to cover some of the users. 


Visitors to Agro Mashov 2012, would have discovered innovative Israeli crops including a special plant, which serves as an insulin replacement for those who suffer from diabetes and obesity, as well as new varieties of strawberries and sweet potatoes that were developed in Israel. 
Finally, perhaps you can explain a mystery to me. I know that water-deprived Israel has been blessed this year with snow in Jerusalem and the Kinneret filling up; but this week, I visited rainy UK, turned on my radio and heard that the South of England is to ban hosepipes again! Perhaps British water companies need to read “Mickyleaks” and invest in some of Israel’s not-so-secret water technology.
There are amazing things happening in the Jewish State. Please reveal them to the world!
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