Israel Sets the Pulses Racing

 Life in the Jewish State is never boring, and the activities of Israeli politicians can sometimes raise stress levels significantly. But if you look beyond an all too frequent selection of sensationalist negative news reports, an exciting and pulsating picture of Israel’s achievements is revealed.

Israel’s goal as far as cancer is concerned is to discover treatments that can maintain the pulse of the sufferer indefinitely.  A team of 11 scientists from the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot has found a combination of two antibodies to attack aggressive breast cancer tumors, causing them to collapse and die.  Another group of Weizmann Institute scientists has developed a microscopic device that is injected into your body to search for genetic malfunctions in your cells.  If it finds any, it emits a pulse of green light to highlight the diagnosis. The scientists are now working on upgrading it to destroy the cancerous cells.
As blood pulses around the body, it carries many vital biological organisms.  Weizmann Institute graduate Prof Jonathan Kipnis has discovered that the immune system’s T-cells not only fight infections but they also govern intelligence.  And another group of Weizmann scientists has discovered a pseudo-education system in the colon.  Newly arrived monocytes are taught how to maintain a healthy balance in the gut by resident immune cells. But if you get an infection or eat the wrong food, the new pupils run wild!  Finally, your pulse may have started racing when you first met your life partner, but Bar-Ilan University’s Psychology Professor Ruth Feldman found that the blood hormone oxytocin is a major factor in keeping couples together.
The PA propaganda machine never fails to rush to accuse Israel of all sorts of false crimes.  But the reality is that IDF medics race to save the lives of Arabs wherever called upon.  As in the case of the Palestinian Arab motorcyclist who suffered severe abdominal bleeding in a crash with a mini-bus near Shechem / Nablus.  Or the seven Syrians wounded in battles between Syrian army forces and rebels near the border with Israel.  Even a terrorist with the blood of 21 Israelis on his hands.  The hope for the future is with Palestinian Arabs such as those working for SodaStream.


Israel’s clean technology is racing ahead of the competition.  Israel’s Atlantium is using pulses of ultra-violet light to purify water. It renders germs harmless without damaging equipment or generating high levels of ozone.  Meanwhile South America and India are going Blue thanks to Israel’s Blue I Technologies’ advanced water controllers and analyzers. And Israel is even able to turn the arid wastes of the Negev desert into fertile soil for agriculture.  Or as Israeli President Shimon Peres said in the latest KKL-JNF video “Israel is contrary to nature”.


We return to fizzing SodaStream, which was voted Israel’s most innovative company just before Samsung announced that its Four Door Refrigerator would incorporate a built-in SodaStream carbonated water dispenser.  Users will be able to select up to three levels of carbonation for their sparkling water. To quote a Samsung VP, “it brings a new experience to the kitchen”.  For those who enjoy a stronger beverage, Gush Etzion residents from Scotland and the United States have teamed up to create Lone Tree Brewery, which works to make “the best beer possible.”


Positive messages about Israel were racing across the Internet following the visit to the Jewish State by six Serbian bloggers.  “If we could, we would stay in Tel Aviv forever”, they posted.  “The people are wonderful, the food is outstanding, the views are splendid, the soldiers walk around with big guns and huge smiles and they are much nicer than our civil servants."  Everyone can get a buzz by supporting Israel during Buy Israel Week.
Finally, immense feelings of elation accompanied a recent edition of the BBC’s longest-running radio show “Desert Island Discs”. Non-Jewish Zionist writer Julie Burchill was invited to play the eight records she would most like to listen to on a desert island.  She chose “Hebrew Man” by Israel’s Ehud Banai and the theme song from the movie “Exodus”.  But I gave her a standing ovation when her top choice of the Israeli National Anthem “Hatikvah” radiated over the airways.
Come back next week, to keep your finger on the pulse.
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