Like Father Like Son (it doesn’t have to be so)

 In this article (from an Israeli media source) a Jewish student at UK's York University was compensated after being subject to two years of anti-Semitic abuse by university students.  Crucially, he says he “was accosted by several members of the university's Palestine Solidarity Society, including (UK Labor Party Leader) Jeremy Corbyn's son Tom.”

In contrast, this article from the UK Guardian simply says "He also reported an angry encounter with three members of the university’s Palestine Solidarity Society".  This highlights another example of how the BBC's favorite anti-Israel media source misinforms by failing to inform.

 But my reason for writing was because of another interesting aspect connected to this incident.  Jeremy Corbyn. the far-left leader of the UK’s Labor Party, has just sacked Hilary Benn from his shadow cabinet.  Mr Benn was the son of the hard left UK politician Tony (Anthony Wedgwood) Benn, but totally disagreed with his father's extremist views.  I remember being in the House of Commons public gallery when Hilary Benn made a rousing speech in support of Israel (not reported in the UK or international press of course).


In this week's Torah portion we read about Korach, who rebelled against Moses.  However, every Monday we read in synagogue Psalm 48 - which begins "A psalm of the sons of Korach".  Korach's sons refused to follow their father's treasonable actions and were rewarded with a constant weekly reminder in Jewish liturgy.


This leads into my final message - to the Foreign ministers of Europe who have been so focused on forcing democratic Israel to make peace with the despots that hate it that it ignored the mess it has created inside its own borders.  The only way for there to be peace between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs is for the PA and Hamas to end the incitement being taught to their children.  There are isolated cases of those children overcoming brainwashing by UNRWA schools (even one son of a Hamas leader) but these are extremely rare. 

It was another UK ex-Labor party leader (Tony Blair) who said that his priority was "Education, Education and Education"?  It's about time that the nations of the world went back to the classroom to learn some basic common sense.



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