Time to be Proud of Israel

The latest United Nations charade featured another false, vitriolic attack on Israel by Mahmoud Abbas.  In contrast to the PA leadership, many of Israel’s Arab citizens see things very differently.  Take for example Anet Haskia – a Muslim Arab-Israeli whose son is serving in the Israeli Defense Forces.  “I am proud to live in Israel,” she says. “I am even prouder that both my sons have served as soldiers for this country.”  Like Anet, we should all take pride in the latest achievements of the Jewish State.


In recent medical news, Israeli technology and improved health practices have extended the age of organ donors to 70 or even 80 years.  In the past week, eight patients received life-saving organs from Israelis aged over 70.  Latest breakthrough research includes the cell replication process by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which may lead to cures for diabetes and even cancer.


Some discoveries come almost by accident; during trials of its anti-inflammatory CF101 medication, Israel’s Can-Fite BioPharma discovered that the active ingredient is suitable for treating impotence. Can-Fite only found this out when they saw that patients were not returning all the medication at the end of the trial.  Meanwhile Ben Gurion University researchers have discovered that the leaves and roots of the yellow water-lily (nuphar lutea) have an inhibitory effect on a protein that causes inflammation in the bowel.


The common Water-Lily has anti-inflammatory properties

Photo - Wikimedia Commons


Who could not be proud of Israel’s work in Africa?  Thanks to Israeli Government funding, the University of Ghana is now able to construct a 600-bed teaching hospital at Legon, Ghana.  It will contain a trauma and emergency service and a heliport, plus internal medicine including surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, cardiology, heart surgery and medicinal imaging.  Then following its success with water purification systems in Ghana, Israel’s P2W has won a multi-million dollar agreement with South African gold mining giant AngloGold Ashanti, to install anti-pollution systems in gold mines across the world.




Israel is powering ahead in its renewable energy programs.  Jerusalem-based global solar firm Energiya Global is transforming developing countries from burning fossil fuels to running on solar power.  Projects are underway in Romania, Rwanda and the Galapagos Islands.  Back in Israel, the annual international Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy Conference took place with 194 speakers, tours of renewable energy sites and the top Israeli Clean-tech companies presenting their technologies to major international investors.  In a timely announcement, the Israeli company Epcon stated that it will build eleven wind turbines on land owned by Kibbutz Degania, to power electrical generators that will produce ten megawatts of power.  Israel’s first wind farm in the Golan Heights, built in 1992, has ten turbines producing six megawatts of power.


It’s always good to see Israel’s hi-tech companies busy developing tools to improve and save lives.  Israel’s Center for Educational Technology and Singapore’s Dynamics Speech are working on an iPad application called VTAMIC (Visual Task Manager in a Calendar), which is designed to help children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).  And the world’s first smartphone breathalyser has been launched by Israel’s Alcohoot.  The application plus add-on turns a user’s phone into an accurate BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) tester.  It can also show you a list of nearby taxi companies and has other useful features.


In the past few weeks, Israel’s Iron Dome has saved hundreds of Israeli lives. Now David’s Sling looks to be Israel’s next layer of defense against the murderous intentions of jihadic terrorists.  And at the height of Operation Pillar of Defense a group of US Hispanic journalists and another of Chinese bloggers visited Israel.  They heard sirens indicating a rocket attack and publicised their amazement at how Israelis cope and still manage to be such a progressive and innovative country.  Then whilst the BBC and others were criticising Israel for defending itself, it was good to see and hear this message of support from Glenn Beck.


Whilst Islamic terrorists destroy, Israel rebuilds.  To accompany the reconstructed Hurva Synagogue, the Jerusalem Municipality is to rebuild the Tiferet Israel Synagogue that was blown up by the Jordanians following the 1948 War of Independence.  An anonymous donor has funded the rebuilding of the three-story synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem.  Meanwhile High school students and volunteers in Migdal Ha’emek are helping document how the 700,000 Jewish refugees rebuilt their lives after they were expelled from their homes in Arab countries during the 1940s and 1950s.  These personal stories will form a unique project called "Tell Your Children".


Finally, despite being stabbed in the face by an Arab infiltrator from Gaza, Yael Matzpun of Moshav Sdei Avraham defended her sleeping children by pushing the terrorist into the adjacent bathroom and jamming the door using one of the beds.  IDF troops later chased and killed the terrorist.


As we prepare to celebrate Hanukah, we can be proud of all our Israeli heroes.


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