What’s wrong with the Jews?

Dear fellow Jews, I'm compelled to ask: What the bleep is wrong with you?  Friday morning I was about to post a thank-you note to my Christian friends for standing with Israel against the nuclear deal, when I saw a poll revealing that the majority of American Jews support it. Yes, we are a stiff-necked tribe, but never did I imagine we were such dunderheads.

What part of “they want to kill you” don’t you understand? Our president has just signed onto a deal that poses an existential threat to Israel—you know, that small country bequeathed to us by G-d, which is approximately 76 times smaller than Iran. It’s that same small country that when we didn’t have it, six million Jews were murdered by a very honest man named Hitler who said he wanted to kill Jews—and did. Today we have another slew of “honest” men who while signing a nuclear deal simultaneously declared death to Israel and death to America.

Twice you elected a president who professed to have Israel’s back while he was machinating behind it. The first time Mr. Obama attended an AIPAC conference, prior to his presidency, he said in no uncertain terms that Jerusalem should remain the undivided capital of Israel. The next day, with centrifuge speed, he spun his words. And, ever since, he has been spinning Israel.

AIPAC, that well known and very powerful Jewish lobbying group, helped bring President Obama to power, so obviously they are not the racists all Jews are branded to be whenever they disagree with the president’s policies. Today, at the forefront of the fight against Obama’s nuclear deal, is that very same AIPAC.  Why? “Because this deal is a deadly deal: It legitimizes Iran as a nuclear threshold state and once restrictions are lifted, Iran would then have the ability to produce enough fuel for a nuclear bomb within days; it raises the prospect of war; it will spur a nuclear arms race in the Middle East; it fills the Iranian coffers with over a $150 billion that predictably will augment their sponsoring of terrorism; it strengthens the Iranian regime, and it destabilizes and threatens regional allies.”

And yet with all that on the nuclear hot plate Jewish Democrats are allegedly upset with Netanyahu—not Obama or the Ayatollah—but with Netanyahu for addressing Congress on the issue of Iran and then using some of the footage in a self-endorsing ad prior to the Israeli election.  It’s mind boggling that they would take umbrage against a tacky tactic, but they are not going ballistic (every pun intended) over a regime that calls Jews pigs and dogs reminiscent of the Nazi’s crossbred categorization of Jews as schweine-hunde, pig-dogs. Where is the ire for a deal so dire with a regime that calls for the extermination of Jews and Israel? Are these powerful officials not aware that the Iranian regime hates them most of all as they typify the “powerful Jews” which all anti-Semites exaggeratingly claim are taking over the world (while Jews comprise only 0.2% of the world population)? It is this same hateful, murderous regime whose declared goal is to establish a caliphate (which is itself an expansionist agenda), but yet the "Zionist regime" is deemed colonialist. Colonialist? If Israel is a colonialist country, I must say it has failed miserably, seeing that even before its enemies wipe it off the map, the tiny country can hardly be found on it.    

American Jews need to wake up, speak up, and stop being afraid of their own shadows. Stop saving the arts and the ballet and start saving Jews. Stop trying to get everyone to like you. They just don’t. Appeasement is the dry hose that has historically never put out a single fire, including those in the crematoria.   Senator Schumer is among those Jews too who need to stop being afraid to stand up for their own side in an argument. Useless are the refrains of “never again,” which have become as honorable as the statement "the check is in the mail." If you really don’t want another Holocaust, pick up the phone, call your representative and tell him/her to block the deal!

Much of the fate of this deal now lies in Schumer’s hands. Will he further his career on the ashes of his people? The long-time senator is eyeing the seat of Senate Minority Leader once Senator Harry Reid steps down.  He needs Obama to like him to get that job. Undoubtedly, Schumer sees himself in a difficult spot and may jeopardize his entire hard-earned career by blocking, and galvanizing support to, block the deal. And therein lies the answer: If Schumer won’t back down from his own political ambitions in order to save his own people, what makes him think the Iranian leaders, hardened foresworn ideologues, will give up their hard earned nuclear ambitions and dogmatic dreams of annihilating the Jewish people. They’ve all worked too hard to stop now.

And, of course, there is that ever-present concern which also serves conveniently as a safety bunker: Will Schumer be accused of dual loyalty? After all, he is an American senator, not an Israeli one.  Well, here are a few bunker buster realities that penetrate Schumer’s not so intractable problem and reveal why this is an American problem not an Israeli one:

Firstly, Iran’s ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile) program clearly tells America that Iran not only has long-term objectives, but long-distance ones as well. The Jewish state is Iran’s neighbor. Long range missiles are redundant for such a proximate neighbor. These missiles have a more distant three-letter target: the U.S.A.   

Secondly, Iran is the foremost sponsor of terrorism around the world, supplying America’s declared enemies with arms. The United States State Department qualifies Iran as an “active state sponsor of terrorism.” Once Iran becomes a nuclear state, it will have the ability to export not only arms, but weapons of mass destruction. We are putting “nuclear” bullets in guns aimed at us, evermore insane.

Thirdly, even after signing the nuclear deal, Iran’s supreme leader declared that hostility between the Islamic republic and the “arrogant” United States will not abate.

Fourthly, the nuclear deal also has a clause that the P5+1 would come to the aid of Iran in the event its nuclear program was attacked. That could very well pit America against Israel—its ally—in defense of Iran if Israel takes pre-emptive action. This deal, in snow globe fashion, has shaken up the world as we know it and catapulted countries into new and unprecedented alignments. The “axis of evil” has seismically shifted.

And a fifth reason this deal is an American concern is that it has a secret annex that the president of the United States did not present to Congress as was required. It was only discovered by Congressman Mike Pompeo (R-KS) and Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) at a meeting they had in Vienna with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

It becomes very clear that the only dual loyalty our Jewish representatives have to really consider is whether they are loyal to America and its ideals, or to Iran’s—for this deal is contrary to what America stands for. Standing with Israel can’t be deemed dual loyalty because Israel, our ally, mirrors everything we stand for, fight for and die for: freedom, dignity, equality, and the pursuit of happiness.   Iran wants to end our way of life and all of Arak's heavy water hardly washes that truth away.