ISIS and our lack of action

The world is now witnessing the effects of the “Arab Spring” which seized the power from long-ruling leaders, mainly dictators, and propelled the Middle East into a whirlpool of further instability.

Yes, Im talking about ISIS; the jihadist group that recently declared a new Islamic State in Iraq and on the Levant (part of Syria). From within these regions presently controlled by radicals who are threatening the regime in Iraq and trying to destroy the rule of Bashar al-Assad since 2010, this is real proof that the West have failed so far on all its policies and predictions.


This lack of prediction and awareness is far too common throughout the history of the US’s foreign policy estimations. During the Afghanistan invasion by the Soviets, the US government gave money and weapons to jihadists lead by Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden himself got money, weapons and help from the US to fight against the Soviets. The Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 was predicted by many countries, including Israel which removed its diplomats from Tehran months before the revolution took over the Shah and instilled the Ayatollahs as the supreme rulers. The US however, in its misjudgment of the volatile situation had its embassy overrun and suffered dozens of kidnapped US government workers.


ISIS has one very clear objective: Conquer the Arab and Muslim territory which is today part of the Arab and Muslim world and transform it into a Caliphate which means: No countries, no borders, just an Islamic State with Sharia Law according to their interpretation. Afterwards, it will seek to conquer all the territories the old caliphate once ruled, including all of north Africa, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and others. The final goal of this relentless ideology is to bring the world to recognize Islam and impose it onto the “infidels”. ISIS ultimately wishes to color the world map green, that every country throughout will be under Islamic law; from Brazil to Argentina to Japan and to China.


The world has failed to contain and eradicate this threat, year after year, decade after decade, and Iraq is the first to be engulfed in this Islamic explosion. Who will be next? It is time for western civilization to understand that ISIS is the biggest threat to world peace and order since the rise of Nazi party in 1933. The only way to avoid further deterioration of the situation is to act with military might and a vast coalition against ISIS and its followers.


If the west doesn''t act, the following scenario could be very likely to happen: The local armies of Jordan, Iraq and others will not succeed to combat ISIS and other similar groups by themselves. Many territories will be divided and will be lost to those groups.  ISIS will  continue to attack and destroy governments and take over weaponry and territory. Iraq oil production will be affected and causing increases in oil prices due to the lack of control and instability. Countries with self interests such as Iran and Saudi Arabia will protect their interests but will not be the leader to destroy the phenomenon. We will witness mass murders and killings, and the middle east will soon become a frighteningly radical and violent region with countries struggling to survive while others fall. In some decades from today, many governments will not exists and the ideology of ISIS will be spread into the whole region; the world will then be in a much bigger danger than is today.


The ISIS and other groups have declared war against everybody else who doesn''t believe on their ideology, and especially the west. Should we declare war on them? What are we waiting for?