My Visit to LA

Just yesterday, Guy Bechor wrote a column titled, “Why is Kerry singling out Israel?” where he specified in great detail how Secretary of State, John Kerry, is constantly “picking” on Israel while ignoring practically every other wrong committed in the world. It’s really an impressive list of wrongs that Bechor pointed out, but it’s hardly a surprise that Kerry is doing it.

In my most recent book, “Like a Bundle of Reeds,” I show that unless we Jews begin to unite and show a model of unity that the rest of the world wants to follow, anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiments will intensify, eventually to the point of catastrophe (I did not make that prediction but I certainly share that feeling). Kerry’s sentiments are nothing new to anyone who has followed his career. He is not simply a puppet on a string following the president’s orders, as some commentators claimed. I believe the policy he is exercising expresses his genuine feelings toward Israel.

But I can’t blame him. Deep inside, every non-Jew expects Jews to be a role model. This is why they judge us so harshly, and do not judge any other nation. They simply feel that everything that’s wrong in the world is our fault. You can give the most reasonable arguments against it, but that won’t change how they feel one bit.

The task of the Jews is to be a role model of unity and to share that unity with the rest of the world. This is what they expect of us, and until we carry it out they will not leave us alone. Our task is to learn how to unite, but only in order to share that unity with all other peoples and nations. Otherwise this will not be unity but ethnocentricity.

I have dedicated my life to spreading the message of unity throughout the world, and have made every effort to make the information about its paramount importance especially these days available to all. On the book’s site you will find all the information for free, including a free download of the book, and numerous TV shows I have created discussing the subject.

In addition, this coming Monday, November 3, I will give an open lecture called, ‘Who Holds the Key to a Better Tomorrow?’ at 7:30pm at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. I wholeheartedly invite everyone—supporters and opposers, Jews and non-Jews—to come and take part in discussing our future here on this planet. I welcome questions and challenges, propositions and oppositions, and I look forward to meeting you all there, because if we don’t open up our sores, we will never be able to heal them. And the only way we can heal them is together.