A call in the wilderness for morality

Man made systems and societies are not perfect.  But there's a difference between good and productive and that which is tremendously destructive.   
America was founded upon Judeo-Christian values.  In other words, the base and foundation of secular legal morality was Biblical.  It is true there are various groups that seek to adhere to the Biblical Code in profoundly different ways, some of which even run opposite to the accepted original meaning of the verses, but all at least sought and spent energy pondering the meaning of G-d's word and what that means for society. 
And on that foundation, the most generous society since Ancient Israel sprang forth.  America has been home to the most generous of people.  And it fought evil.  America defeated the European Imperialist Dictators of World War 1, the Nazis and Mussolini fascists of World War 2 and America defeated the Soviet Union after a struggle against the Evil Empire that spanned decades.  America's central morality, that openly stems from the Bible (or Torah, as I would call it), was the sole motivational factor at the core of it all. 
The morality of the American people stemmed from Biblical teachings.  The Bible (parts of Exodus referred to in Judaism as Parshas Mishpatim) formed the basis of secular civil law.  The Ten Commandments formed the basis of criminal law.  There was profound respect for Torah and at least an attempt to adhere to its principles. 
And America's spirit of generosity was richly rewarded by an Almighty G-d, with plenty and abundance on a level that had been unimaginable up until that point. 
Now a new philosophy has emerged that is completely disconnected from all of the above, other than in its desire to attack all of it.  The question is, where do its values stem from?
The new philosophy is the same as that of all other societies that threw off the precious guiding yoke of Torah philosophy and/or Judeo-Christian values. The new philosophy is rooted in the passing base desires of one's lesser self. 
And so, "What is right?" is replaced with "What feels good at the moment?"
In all other societies this has led to totalitarianism.  The hedonist ideals of the Soviet Union were fought by murderous means from its inception.  Other societies sought to exterminate the weak and frail above all and then turned to the destruction of all who care for morality. 
And where is modern hedonism heading (that "philosophy" that has stolen, rather than co-opted, the philosophical titles of "liberalism" and "humanism," while having nothing to do with either)?
Proponents of "euthanasia" hold it up as an ideal and have the unheard of temerity to "guilt" elderly people who built up the entire world into murdering themselves so as to free-up resources for careless and incompetent doctors who don't know what to do with them anyway.  (Don't believe me, read the articles about "forced" or "involuntary euthanasia."  The new ornate term for the slaughter of our most valuable citizens.)
Proponents of abortion on demand view a developing baby as less worthy of existence than an insect, only the latter of the two being worthy of societal protection.  Nor do they care about the lifelong pain of the mother who could have adopted out the baby instead.  Abortion may have its place.  When there is clear danger to the life of the mother.  It is inhumane in the extreme to use it in the way that it has been.  (And no words can be said of the "nurses" who browbeat unsure little kids into terminating their developing babies without a thought to the well being of either party.  The fact that they largely admit to killing those who were accidentally born during the procedure is sickeningly just par for the course.)
And now that "marriage" will soon be that sacred institution of 3 men, 2 women and 1 who doesn't quite know what they are, are we not bothered in the least that an institution that meant lifelong stability and ensured that children had a mother and a father is now meaningless?  Are we not bothered that "parenthood" has been redefined in such a way that rips asunder both parental rights and responsibilities.  Are we not in the least concerned that civil law in the USA has made it clear that a mother is of no importance and can be replaced - as a matter of equal preference - by an unrelated male figure?  Are we not concerned that a true father is of no greater importance than the mother's new female friend?  And what of saving marriages?  Oh, they'd like to kill anyone who tries. 
Is there totalitarianism among the new left?  Well, when I make a purchase, it simply doesn't occur to me to look into the political biases of the merchant.  And even if they have a screaming sign advocating for all that I oppose, unless it's advocating for ISIS or for cannibalism, my reaction will be limited to simply not shopping there. 
How many businesses has the new left sought to close down?  How many former store owners are now janitors or garbage collectors because of city ordinances forcing them to shut down because of strongly held religious beliefs, ones that are not only not odd, but that have been the backbone of every stable society)?  Has a pastor and his wife been threatened with arrest for refusing to rent out a religious wedding hall, albeit a for profit one, to a ceremony that goes against the central Book that is at the source of their tenets of faith.
And what should we do?
We cannot rely on government or on man made institutions.  The people here are still good, moral and kind for the most part.  We must work together, learn about G-d together and help each other, especially those business owners who have been persecuted. 
And in the end, we must go back to the age old lesson, that we can only rely upon G-d Almighty, who is Father and King to us all. 
Our Sages, the Jewish Sages of the Talmud, tell us that when you see such times, you only that "we have no one to rely upon other than our Heavenly Father."  Yet in relying upon G-d, we indeed find the most reliable source. 
And they also tell us something else.  That these times immediately precede the revelation of Moshiach, when G-d will perfect the world.  That the darkness of this time is a kindness, allowing each of us to finally stand with G-d and for G-dliness when it matters most.  And that this time is short and that the redemption is truly, truly imminent. 
And they've been 1,000,000% right about everything else.