Innovation in Israel & Beyond: Intellectual Property and National Brand

It’s been a month of conferences in New York beginning with Yossi Vardi’s DLD Digital Life, followed by ILuvation – a showcase for Israeli startups for investors.  And last Sunday  I returned to New York for the Jerusalem Post Conference – all day – tightly cast speakers and panels.  You can certainly satisfy the political fix in one day.  The reception given Treasury Secretary Jack Lew has been reported.  From my seat, his words may be been on point, - and even good, but the delivery was hollow.  The crowd’s sentiment could have been due to the lack of conviction in the delivery of the words as much as skepticism.  

In contrast, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani mastered the stage (and the audience) and the message on terrorism.

Closing batter was Caroline Glick in a showcase message on the role of the Jerusalem Post.   Listening I thought that this was an audition for editor in the future.

But more important I’m off to LA for the inaugural IDEAS-LA conference on 18 June sponsored by the California Israel Chamber of Commerce and Friends of Tel Aviv University.  I’ll moderate a high-power panel of Ambassador Ido Aharoni and Shlomo Nimrodi, CEO of RAMOT, the technology transfer division of Tel Aviv University, on the topic of Innovation in Israel & Beyond: Intellectual Property and National Brand. We will find the nexus of this combination of subjects.  I’ve been studying.

Come join us: