Senator Chuck Schumer Opposes Iran Nuclear Deal


Chuck Schumer was rumored to be seriously considering opposing the nuclear deal with Iran and is now the first senior Democratic leader to do so, “The very real risk that Iran will not will not moderate and will, instead, use the agreement to pursue its nefarious goals is too great” is a fine encapsulation by Senator Schumer of the flaws with the agreement. Yet, these can be mitigated by a strong and aggressive containment policy. Senator Chuck Schumer implies a deeply important point by not making Iran’s acquiring nukes the centerpiece of his opposition; the United States has no policy to restrain a sanction free Iran from exporting terrorism and destabilizing the Middle East. Implied in a Chicago Tribune/AP article, “Chuck Schumer deals blow to Obama, opposes nuclear deal” that the Senator while in opposition would not campaign hard against the nuclear agreement. Nonetheless, he’s making a good decision and hopefully it will enable other leaders to avoid a bad deal but the nature of Senator Chuck Schumer’s dissent implies surrounding the deal with better US policies and perhaps altering the deal could create something that benefits all parties. The President, like all presidents who are in a political tight spot, has been echoing President Kennedy but I think he should check out Senator Chuck Schumer’s profile in courage and catch the Senator’s cameo on “The Daily Show. “ If you’re an American who has been thinking about writing your senator, now is the time.