Dror Feiler behind the Finnish flotilla


The Swedish-Israeli activist, Dror Feiler is the man behind the company that financed the ongoing attempt by the Finnish ship, Estelle, to break Israel’s Gaza blockade.

His company Northern Breeze is registered in Turku and according to a Finnish financial website which provides details of all the companies registered in Finland, Feiler is the chairman and CEO of the company. It seems that Northern Breeze is a new venture for Feiler as it was set up September 13.
Feiller has been active in organizing flotillas in the past. CiF Watch has a detailed report of Feiler’s activities and his involvement in the infamous Mavi Marmara flotilla.
The 16-member crew of Estelle has two Finnish citizens, Wellu Koivisto and Mika Jämiä. Koivisto admitted that the purpose of the flotilla is symbolic and its main purpose is to spread infromation about the situation in Gaza. 
"Our main task is to attract the attention of the media and the public and to get the support of the international community. Our aim is to end Israel''s oppressive policies," Koivisto told the Finnish broadcaster YLE in early October.
Koivisto, the ship''s bos''n is a member of the Left Alliance party in the Finnish city of Turku and is a candidate in the municipal elections to be held October 28.