Actions Speak Louder Than Words Part 2

 From the time of the British colonies in the new world to the time of our fledgling nation breaking from the tyranny of British rule to form their own form of Government, we owe much to the Jewish merchants and businessmen in America.  The long-lasting war with the King of England for the independence of the colonies of America was very costly. The limited funding by the states and the patriot businesses had given their all to help fund the war. But it would not be enough.

Our leaders were trying to get the help and financial support of France in our heavenly endeavor to be free, but the French were having problems as well; not to mention that the war wasn't really going well for the American patriots. If it had not been for the backing of Jewish businessmen in providing funding for the armies of America, the battle for independence would not have gone well. These Jewish patriots would go on to fund our country until they went bankrupt. We owe them our thanks and devotion for what they gave up for us. This would lead to a wonderful partnership in our care and friendship with the Jewish people.

Through the years our country has always had a special relationship with the Jewish people. Unlike many other nations the Jewish people were welcomed here. They immigrated to America by the hundreds. Once here they faced bigotry and hardship; but they pressed on to build businesses and provide services that were second to none. They were instrumental in many of our scientific and engineering discoveries. 

We as a nation also wanted a country that the Jewish people could call their own. But like England during WWII we denied asylum to many who would be killed in the Holocaust. After Israel became a nation in 1948 our country and our leaders were truly supportive of Israel's security and prosperity and it showed. Israel would go onto become a garden in a desert. They increased in all avenues of life. 

Agriculturally they are unrivaled for their fruit and vegetable output. Their armies and air forces are considered some of the best in the world. They are constantly on the forefront of new and improved products that are beneficial to the whole world. Their standard of living is significantly higher that many of the countries that surround her. And there is more freedom in Israel than any other country in the area. In truth Israel is the envy of the Middle East. 

The problem is that what started as mutual respect between these countries has turned into envy and envy has turned into spite and spite into hatred. These changes in viewpoint toward Israel hasn't just changed in the Middle East. It has also changed around the world and here in America as well. 

Our leaders have been bending over backwards to accommodate the Arab countries in the area including those occupying Gaza. The Palestinians who are basically refugees wish for a country of their own and like after the Balfour compact the only country that everybody wants to carve up is Israel. Israel has been trading land for peace nearly from its inception and still there is no more peace now than there was then. And sad to say America and its leaders have been the leading force behind these so-called land for peace deals which always fail.  

And today our government officials seem to be intent on backing the enemies of Israel who are pushing for the destruction of Israel. Our leadership talks about having a strong commitment to the protection and safety of Israel. They say that they have been more committed to Israel than at any time in history. But actions speak louder than words.

Our President has shown how he regards Israel and her leadership. The very first action he took as president was to stop a predetermined shipment of military arms and parts to Israel. Soon after that he speaks to the Russian leader Putin and tells all the trouble he has with Israel's leader. Russia is our nemesis; and he is speaking about our greatest ally this way to Putin?  

Later he says how much better it will be when the President of Israel is defeated in the elections. Then he mentions that possible boycotts may happen if Israel doesn't sign on to his peace deal with the Palestinians. And lo and behold boycotts start popping up in our country and around the world. Israeli goods are not given place to dock and unload its goods. Companies and colleges are boycotting Israel. 

And now President Obama wants our congressional leaders to vote for a nuclear plan with Iran that is greatly beneficial to Iran and terribly detrimental to Israel and the rest of the world. Why does our leadership always act with the preconceived belief that as long as Israel is the one hurting everybody else is better off? 

For our leadership to get up and state that our relationship with Israel is the best it has ever been is not only a lie but is a cover up for the most anti-Israel sentiment in our nation in many years. What is so disheartening is that our young people are being spoon fed these lies and are growing up with an inherent anti-Semitic fervor which is being fanned by professors into full-fledged hatred for Israel and the Jewish people. Our leaders may continue to spout out their lies, but their actions will always speak louder than their words! Pray for our nation! Pray for our leadership! And pray for the peace of Jerusalem!