Boycott Fever

 There is a virus going around and it is reaching epidemic proportions. This sickness is not constrained by borders as it is occurring world wide. It is ever evolving making its eradication nearly impossible. It is not constrained by rational thought or action. It ignores the proven and time tested method of consultation and free speech. It is one sided with only one target of its desired intentions. Any attempts to thwart this ever increasing malady is met with disdain, hatred and close mindedness.

I call the disease  Boycott fever. It seems like it is prevalent in every country in the world. Even the United Nations has succumbed to this disease. The European Union is sick by it. Even the world leader in disease control the United States has been infected with this infectious disease. The major target of this viral onslaught is Israel and the Jewish people.

A United Nations expert  has stipulated that companies doing business with Israel and profiting from business in the West Bank and Golan Heights should be boycotted. His conclusion was directed only to Israel even when there are numerous areas in the world of disputed lands such as the Ukraine and Russia but Israel was singled out. Some companies doing business with Israel have given in under the pressure and have redirected their business dealings in Israel.

Many of the European Union countries have been infected with Boycott fever. Norway, Denmark, Spain, and others have fallen ill with the fever. The EU has pronounced a boycott of Israeli goods and services directed at the businesses in the West Bank and the Golan Heights. The Eu is Israel's major trading partner. It doesn't matter that many Palestinians have formally stated their opposition to such measures as these companies provide good paying jobs to many Palestinians.

And the most dangerous and virulent infection seems to have taken place in the United States of America. Once immune to this disease by our mutual respect and mutual ideals and goals this illness has mutated over these last years and grown into something horrible. Our Educational institutions which were to be a neutral location for free thought and study has today become a haven for political correctness only. Any opposition voices are quelled and squashed by both Professors, School leaders and student bodies. Jewish students are routinely harassed and cursed at and not given a chance to speak. Jewish student body leaders are pressured to refuse to back Israel. Jewish students in study areas of the library are physically roughed up and demeaned and persecuted all with no consequences for the perpetrators. And many of our Colleges are divesting from Israel.

Our business leaders are falling over themselves to see who can divest themselves from Israel the quickest. I personally have been a fervent consumer of Coca-Cola. I like everything from regular Coke to Sprite to Coke Zero; but when I heard recently that they were  going to boycott Israel that did it for me. I am now boycotting Coke after 50 years of being a loyal customer. But Coke is not the only business calling for the boycott of Israel. Motorola, Hewlett Packard, Intel, and many more.

But what really saddens me the most is the number of Christian churches and denominations that have denied scriptural evidence of Israel's right to the Land as well as denying Israel's special relationship with the Almighty. These churches are in some way feverish not thinking right because of Boycott Fever . The Methodist Church (UK), the World Council of Churches, British Quakers, US Mennonite Church, US Episcopal Church, United Church of Christ, Presbyterian Church USA, Church of England, United Church of Canada and more have in some way divested from or boycotted Israel.

The cause of this disease is not an ideal based upon territories or based upon what some consider occupied lands. Nor does this sickness stem from the trouble over a 2 state solution to Palestinian peace. In the minds of the world's leaders, this sickness and every sickness and every trouble in the world has the same cause. To them the cause is Israel. The world cannot stand Israel. They must blame them for all of the world ills. If today the Palestinian were to accept Israel's right to exist and were given a land of their own, the world would still come after Israel for something else like trying to blame Israel for ISIS or for the coming problems with Iran.

There is in the world today a media driven voice against Israel. And we see that constantly on American news. But still in America there is a great number of men and women who truly love Israel and will stand with her no matter what. You won't hear about them or read about them but they are here none the less. And I believe that it is time for some reverse boycotting. If we knowingly know of a company or college or leader who is for boycotting Israel, then we should boycott them right back.

In reality Boycott Fever is only a symptom of a much greater illness called Antisemitism; the extreme global disdain of the Jewish people. Overall the world views Israel as a cancer which must be removed. There is only one cure for the terrible disease of Antisemitism which is fueling Boycott Fever, and the Almighty is about to give that cure to the earth. Join me and Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!