Once Upon A Time

 Once upon a time, a day not so long ago, the United States was looked upon with respect and a well-deserved fear of reprisal if a nation decided to go rogue and challenge the hard-fought stability in the world. Once the United States was the hope of all the earth for peace in the most volatile section of the world. Once our allies could depend upon the United States to help them and protect them from those who would seek to eliminate them. Once the United States was the envy of the world for its wealth and stability and technological advances and military might. Once the United States was a light on a hill, as Ronald Reagan described us, to which the helpless of the world could turn to. But that was once upon a time.
 The current President decided to leave Iraq even after being told of the power vacuum it would create in the Middle East. Now we have ISIS or ISL or whatever name they are today. They are considered by most as the blight of the earth for their killings of the innocent, their enslavement of women and girls, and their destruction of religious & historical landmarks all in the name of a so-called prophetic Caliphate which most Muslims denounce as illegitimate.
The current leadership of the United States stood by while the Russian military entered the Ukraine and illegally annexed part of the Ukraine and makes it part of Russia. The Ukrainians ask for our help, we decline. They ask for arms we respond with small arms and just a minor show of support. In the meantime a passenger jet is shot down and nobody is held responsible or even brought to accountability. And our leadership is quiet today on the matter of innocent lives lost.
President Obama decides on his own that he will make a nuclear agreement with Iran using as an illustration the crossing of a red line of nuclear capability as the impetus to his making this deal. His own red line is crossed time and again as this deal takes months longer to agree to than he thought. Finally as he ignores the probable outcome of this agreement just to have a legacy of wished for peace he basically throws Israel under the proverbial bus along with other of our Middle Eastern allies. Though the majority of the people in the United States were against this deal the President was hell-bent on getting it through congress. He even goes behind the backs of our representatives and goes to the United Nations to get approval from a body of nations that are overwhelmingly anti-Israel and anti US. During this long process the Iranian government is never-ceasing in it calls for death to Israel and death to the United States.
Our President in his handling of the crisis in Syria has sided with the rebels fighting the Assad regime. Again a red line is crossed and we do nothing. ISIS is now deeply entrenched in Syria as well as Iraq. We have spent millions of dollars to train the rebels to fight and today we have maybe 5 trained rebels fighting in Syria. We refuse to arm the Kurd's in fear of upsetting the Afghanistan government who is now bombing the Kurd's instead of bombing ISIS. This has led to hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties and a great exodus of refugees looking to escape the carnage in their country.
Russia after moving tanks and rockets to Syria over the weeks to prop up the Assad government; yesterday launches bombing raids against the very rebels which our government has supported. The Russians have told the United States to not fly over Syria. The Russian Bear now has the United States backed into a corner and we will see more of the same from our inept leadership allowing the Russians to continue as long as they agree to also kill the ISIS extremists.
The once great hope for the world has relinquished its role as leader of the free world and everybody in the area is responding in like manner to us. They are leaving us in droves.
The Saudi's and Iraqi's have both completed billion dollar military arms deals with Russia not with the US. Iraq is now sharing logistical and military intelligence with Russia. Russia is moving to free up Syria's ports and airports for it shipments of petroleum and arms to and from the region. Even Egypt is now dealing with Russia instead of our government because we had backed a president from the Muslim Brotherhood and today we are not dealing fairly with the new government in Egypt.
What a difference a day makes. You can mark it in your calendar the day that the United States abdicated its role as the leader of the world. If this is what you had hoped and longed for then you need to thank the president of the United States. If this goes against what you would believe of the United States then hold on for the worst is yet to come.